Sunday, June 12, 2011

June Challenge winners

1st Place - PolymerClayCreations

Mokume Gane Gift Set

2nd Place - NormasClay

Tainos Petroglyphs Pen Set

3rd Place - BeckySueCreations

Fish switchplate


1st Place - NormasClay

Tainos Petroglyphs Pen Set

2nd Place - 11BoldStreet

Leather Opener and Valet Set

3rd Place - ArrowdaleArtStudio

faux leather box with copper accents

The 5 winners of a polymer clay prize this month are :
Christine Markowski
Tracy Finnell
Jan Elder
Alexis Ratliff
Wendy White

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June Challenge: For the Guys

June Challenge: For the Guys

Polymer clay is a flexible medium.Our guild artists proved it this month by making their favorite things "for the guys."  The only rules were that the entry must be at least 50% polymer clay and must interpret or depict the theme in some way.Vote in our monthly challenges and you could win an amazing polymer clay creation from one of our artists.

1) Faux Leather Box with Copper Accents by Cindy of ArrowdaleArtStudio

Cindy's description of her entry: This was my stab at "For the Guys," the theme of the PCAGOE June Challenge. Created of black Kato poly clay, which I've textured to resemble leather, and enhanced with hammered copper accents, some wired on, with the one on top having a pierced design. The box is 3.5 inches round, and about 2.5 inches tall, making it suitable for spare change, pieces of jewelry or even paper clips and what nots on his desk.

2) Man's Pendant with Black Suede Cord by Line of PlaySculptlive

The colors and texture of Line's work show a strong, masculine framework that would look good on any man in your life. The bold wire completes the look.

3) Mokume Gane Business Card Case and Pen Set by Angela of PolymerClayCreations

This business card case and matching twist pen would make a great Father's Day gift! It was made with the mokume gane technique with several shades of blue clay along with white, pearl and transparent all layered with silver leaf.

4) Abstract Triangle Pendant by Jill of JKollmann

Made this for my son. I think I'm going to trade the chain for a rope, though.

5) Ancient marbled Runes Box Pendant by Sage of TheSageArts

One of the few jewelry pieces I've made for the guys, it comes with a complete set of runes that can be changed out in the box choker so the wearer can wear the rune that represents the element he would like to be aided in or the way he feels that day

6) Fish Switchplate by Becky Sue of BeckySueCreations

Made with your man in mind

7) Faux Leather Opener and Valet Set by Susan of 11BoldStreet

Faux leather is a natural choice for something guy-appropriate. I layered black and coppery-tan polymer sheets, and made cut-outs through the top layers. Valet approx. 4" square.

8) Devil Beer Stein by Marie of YoungCreative

Beer steins that I made for the guys in my family. The background flames are hand-sculpted and accented with pearl powders. The devil face was made from a Victorian face mold that I distorted before adding horns and a beard.

9) Aztec Treasure Pencil Cup by Arlene of AshPaints

This pencil cup is formed around a 3 inch diameter pvc pipe which gives it both strenth and stability. The design includes textured patches, impressed scrolls and a honeycomb design background texture. The clay is a rich earthy blend of oranges and browns and is angiqued with a burnt umber acrylic paint then highlighted with a light touch of gold acrylic paint to make all the details pop

10) Tainos Petroglyphs Pen Set by Norma of NormasClay

This is a pen and pencil set on the left with two pens on the right. All petroglyphs motifs were made with canework.
View the winners:

Several of the entries are also available for sale in our members' etsy shops, so please check them out to see these and more one-of-a-kind works of polymer clay art.

 Voter Prize Pool:

Thank you again for your votes. We hope you will join us again next month. For July we are having our yearly Polymer Clay For A Cause Charity Challenge. Each entrant will cover a mirror for the challenge and the mirrors will be auctioned to the highest bidder with the money being donated to Polymer Clay For A Cause. This is a non-profit shop that takes art work from any polymer clay artist that wishes to contribute. About every four months the PCAGOE (Polymer Clay Artist Guild on Etsy) will vote on a children's charity for which to donate ALL of the sales from this shop go to that organization.