Saturday, April 9, 2016

April 2016 Challenge winners "Flowers"

Top entries selected by the public

1. White floral covered candy dish by Lisa of HiGirls 

2. 3-way tie

Flowers Ring Bowl by Arlene of HarrisonHollow

A rose by any other name... by Brandee of Brandee Blank Art

Printemps Bowl by Berit of ClayImages

3. 2-way tie 

Tulip Flower Challenge pcagoe by Line of PlaySculptLive

Poppy Love Necklace by Beth of CreateMyWorldDesigns

Top entries selected by members

1. Tulip Flower Challenge pcagoe by Line of PlaySculptLive 

2. Poppy Love Necklace by Beth of CreateMyWorldDesigns

3. A rose by any other name... by Brandee of Brandee Blank Art

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Congratulations to the drawing winner:  Amber Bowman
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Comments from the voters:

  • Hard to choose because they are all wonderfully done! Well done Ladies!!
  • Such awesome entries, really great work all the way.
  • There are so many great designs I wish I could vote for more. I changed my mind a few time along the way. I have found that if I take the time to visit the web sites and get a personal account of the design that helps a lot.
  • Beautiful artwork! I had a hard time deciding on just three :)
  • Hard to pick ...they are all wonderful!
  • It was a difficult choice as they were all great quality.
  • You guys never stop amazing me. It is very difficult to choose one over another. They are all beautiful. I appreciate all you hard work.
  • It was hard to choose a favorite among these beautiful pieces!
  • Why is there not an option where everyone comes first?!! This is the first time I've never been able to easily decide who to choose for the first three and even then I wanted them all to be first.
  • Absolutely gorgeous work by everyone!!
  • This was a really, really, REALLY difficult choice...
  • All are beautiful.
  • I like the organic feel of my choices.
  • I think this one is the hardest to choose from ever! All the entries blew me away.
  • Beautiful work!
  • Beautiful work!
  • So hard to choose. Everyone did so well!
  • Loved the entries this month. Such variety in wearable, vessels, stained glass. I'm sorry only three choices ladies. I appreciated very much all of the thought and hard work that went into each creation. Beautiful entries this month!
  • Loved the simplicity of #7
  • There were so many beautiful items here this time, it was really hard to pick just three.
  • Wish I could have picked all of them, they're all so lovely! Superb showing, ladies!
  • Great April theme and so many beautiful entries--I like them all!
  • This is the best challenge in a long time, so many fabulous entries and everyone keeps getting better and better. Tough choices to be made, again.