Monday, November 30, 2015

December Challenge Re-Do

For our December challenge we are featuring the theme "Re-do!" In this challenge PGAGOE members either improved an existing piece or created a second version of a design. Vote for your favorites. One lucky voter will be chosen in a drawing to win a gift certificate from one of our sponsor shops.

To see larger images visit:

1. Black and Red Drop Crystal Earrings No. 175 by Susan of 11BOLDstreet 
The "before" earrings were an entry for another PCAGOE Challenge. I was never really happy with the lower, translucent element. It seemed too dull and clunky by comparison with the upper focals. So, cut sleek slices from the same rich red as was used in the nugget beads, sanded, buffed them and added a sterling spiral, then re-hung as the new lower element - MUCH better!!

2. Fancy Soap Dispenser by Lisa of HiGirls 
This pink and blue soap dispenser just needed a little bit more. Gray trim with a white wash makes it a little more special. 

3. Emily by Marie Young of MarieYoungCreative
I loved "Emily" when I first created her 2 years ago, (see "Emily" Before) but my skills have improved so I decided to give her a makeover. I sanded her down and added a new layer of clay to give her features more definition (including sexy eyelids!). I also changed the color palette on her skin tones to provide more contrast.

4. Steampunk Fish by Freda of  FredaK
The first one was made in 2010 and was covered with extruder cane flowers and the other one is steampunk made last week.

5. Pod brooch re-do (revised design) by Beth of CreateMyWorldDesigns
I never quite liked the red outer rim of the original brooch, so for the December PCAGOE "re-do" challenge, I decided to change the original piece to something I'd like more, the black and silver outside is the result. To read more about this project, please visit my blog post:

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Monday, November 9, 2015

November Challenge Winners "Personal Accessories"

Top entries selected by the public

1. Mini Box for Treasures by Betsy of StrebeDesigns

2. Polymer Clay 3 Piece Pendant by Freda of  FredaK    

3. Boho Beach Necklace by Beth of CreateMyWorldDesigns  

Top entries selected by members

1. Black Taupe Inlay Ring No. 101 by Susan of 11BOLDstreet  

2. Mini Box for Treasures by Betsy of StrebeDesigns 

3. Polymer Clay 3 Piece Pendant by Freda of  FredaK  

View all of the entries:

Congratulations to the Drawing Winner: Cheryl Holland
You get to pick a prize from one of our lovely participating sponsor shop owners.

Comments from the voters:
-Greetings from Slovakia!
-Thanks for the monthly inspirations.
-Such difficult choices! All are beautiful, inspiring and wonderful.
-Love seeing how creative the artists are.
-According to the theme my number 1 choice was fitting the best. Great cane work and a lovely personal set. Second choice was the beautiful key ring, also great cane work.
-Wonderful work everyone hard to pick!
Love the continued inspirations!
-#7 what a beautiful set you made. The cane work flowers are beautiful and I love the color purple! Professional.
-#9 beautiful and artistic necklace. The colors are wonderful and the focal bead is stunning. Great work.
-#5 This ring is an art piece. Nice contrast and finish.
-Beautiful, as always! There were many beautiful pieces, very hard to pick!
-This one was really hard they are all wonderful.
-Another really tough challenge to choose the top 3 from!
-Personal Accessories - doesn't that cover a huge range of items - and all of you nailed it I think!
-Thanks for getting involved with the challenge. I really enjoy this every single month and I always get some kind of inspiration from what I see.
-This was another hard to decide challenge. All are so beautiful and well done. Good luck everyone.
-Thank you for the larger pictures of the entries!
-I love all the ideas, everyone is soooo talented.
-Hard to choose just 3. Stunning designs.
-Love them all- great diversity this month!
-All items are beautiful. It was hard to choose 3. I also love the purple millefiori collection and the mirrored piece.
-Such fun accessories! So many variations, great job by all.