Sunday, January 8, 2017

January Showcase Minimalism

For the January Showcase, PCAGOE artists will share their favorite minimalist work. 

It is a non-voting challenge. It is simply to allow you to enjoy the journey of the theme with us.

Members will share photos of their works in progress as well as the finished pieces from different angles. Please feel free to comment on and share anything that speaks to you. Some of the pieces may be for sale. Others are purely an artistic exercise. 


Here is how you can participate:
  1. Create something new or share something older that fits the theme. Visit the forum discussion for ideas.
  2. Share photos on the PCAGOE FB page ( ) anytime before the 25th of the month. You can share works in progress too! Use the word "FINAL" in the front of your title for the finished piece. 
  3. Use hashtag for the month on all photos for easy searching: For example #2017MONTHShowcase
  4. Share, share, share--both your work and the work of other artists.