Thursday, April 28, 2011

Flora and Fauna Await

The theme for the May challenge, Flora & Fauna, is a broad one that has allowed PCAGOE members to stretch creatively. Stop back on May 1 to see what our artists have come up with. You can vote for your favorites and maybe even win an amazing polymer clay prize.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

April 2011 Challenge: Wall Art

April 2011 Monthly Challenge

April Challenge: Wall Art

The theme for April's challenge was "WALL ART." The only rules were that the entry must be at least 50% polymer clay and must interpret or depict the theme in some way.  Learn more about out challenges.

1) Becky of BeckySueCreations created this mixed media plaque with a telemarfusion background.

2) Marie of YoungCreative created this 5x5 inch plaque with the Mokume Gane technique and alcohol ink finishes. Water lily and ohm symbol are hand-sculpted. Feather is stamped.
These are words that represent how I want to live. I have them on slips of paper in my desk drawer as a reminder. I thought polymer would give them more presence in my day

3) Susan of 11BoldStreet This piece started as a "Sutton" slice, inspired by window coverings in colors that I've never tired of. It was mounted on a pearl and black stamped polymer base. The hanger piece is a metal tube, covered in more stamped polymer

4) Els of BeadElz tells us that her creations was made in the workshop with Laurie Mika in France.

5) Lisa of HiGirls
This wall plaque (4"x4") started as something quite literal, and ended up as an abstraction in bright spring colors.

6) Jackie of ThePleasantPheasant
This is a beautifully painted 2-ft. wide x 1-ft. tall canvas (painted by my daughter). On it I placed polymer clay buildings, a brass circle moon, and a copper pipe with yellow plastic cover to serve as a street light. The windows in the pointed building are mirrors, other windows are screened, and there is a Dior buckle that is serving as a building decoration. The gold window on the silver building is a circa-1980 earring that was repurposed for the job.

7) Angela of PolymerClayCreations
My first ever fairy door. It was so fun. I'm going to put this up and hope a good fairy will come bless my house and bring me good fortune.

8) Arlene of AshPaints
This mosaic was created with multiple polymer clay "tiles" which were antiqued, finger painted with acrylic paint, highlighted with mica powders and gold finishing wax, then combined into a beautiful inspirational plaque. It is shown displayed on an eisle but also has a hanger on the back. It is signed and dated by me.

9) Beth of CreateMyWorld
Family Tree Wallhanging: This was an idea I came up with while playing with extruded bits of clay. The tree is made up of extruded flat strips. The branches support 5 separate small frames to frame the family members.

10) Alison of AlisonEKurek
The title of this piece is "Masquerade". It was inspired by a business suit wearing "professional" whose true personality is closer to what he is depicted as, snout, curly tail and all! But then I guess I shouldn't speak badly of farm animals :-)
The figures are hand sculpted out of polymer clay and accented with acrylic paint. They are mounted onto a black suede mat board and framed in a 14" (w) x 11" (h) shadow box frame
1st Place - Jackie of ThePleasantPheasant
2nd Place - TIE between Els of BeadElz and Arlene of AshPaints
3rd Place - Angela of PolymerClayCreations

1st Place - Jackie of ThePleasantPheasant
2nd Place - TIE between Susan of 11BoldStreet and Alison of AlisonEKurek
3rd Place - Beth of CreateMyWorld

Please join us again in May for our "Flora and Fauna" challenge. In June, we will be thinking about those wonderful men in our lives and must create something "For The Guys" in polymer clay .