Sunday, September 30, 2012

October Challenge Sponsors

Public voting for our October Challenge--Medieval will be open October 1-7. Three lucky voters will get to pick a prize from the shop of their choice! That's right, if you win the drawing YOU GET TO CHOOSE YOUR PRIZE (see our sponsors below).

Winners will be notified by email and given instructions on how to select and claim a prize.  Before or after you vote, we invite you to visit the shops and start thinking about what you will choose if you win the drawing.  Have fun browsing!
$20 gift certificate towards any item good for 60 days

$20 gift certificate to be used within 60 days 
Young Creative
any item worth up to $20 in my shop (no cash refund on balance); valid for 60 days

Any one item of your choice up to $20 value; no cash balance

$20 gift certificate (no cash refund on balance); valid for 60 days

$20 Gift Certificate
Gift certificate up to $20 to be used within 60 days of date of announced winner

$20 gift certificate, up to 60 days unless by private arrangement with me

$20 dollar gift certificate to be used within 60 days
Any one item of your choice up to $20 value; no cash balance.

$25 gift certificate towards total purchase amount, good for 60 days

Small Ideas
Free map pins: cookies and crackers

Elemental Dragons
Custom made dragon (value of 24.99)
Gift certificate of $20 to be used within 60 days of date of announced winner    
$20 on anything in my shop, must be used within 60 days, no cash remuneration.

any item(s) worth up to $20 in my shop (no cash refund on balance); valid for 60 days

Any one item of your choice up to $20 value; no cash balance; good any time

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fall Fashion Accessory-Shawl Pins

Shawls, scarfs, wraps, and capes are great ways to shake off the the nip of fall that is in the air. Couple that sensible fashion statement with a beautiful handcrafted polymer clay shawl pin to be sure your cozy fall cover-up stays secure and snug on your shoulders. And if that wasn't reason enough to pick one of these handcrafted cuties, they can serve double duty as a pony tail accent.

For your shopping enjoyment, we've gathered together three stunning shawl pin options created by our artist members here at the Polymer Clay Artists Guild of Etsy. These items (along with other styles) are available in their individual Etsy shops.

A gorgeous faux metal shawl pin by jkollmann

Set of 3 precious heart shawl pins by NKDesigns      

Chic Mokume Gane shawl pin by PolmerClayCreations

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Chic "RUSTic" tutorial

free tutoral faux rusted metal
"RUSTic" Pendant

Beth of Create My World designs is onto something really cool with her sophisticated take on "rusted metal" created from polymer clay and a few simple kitchen items. And she is willing to let us fellow "clayers" in on the secret.

Check out her blog for a free step-by-step tutorial.

Monday, September 10, 2012

September challenge winners

 And the winners of the September PCAGOE "Metallics" Challenge are:

Member Voting:
1st Place

Faux Torn and Folded Metal Vessel by Jackie of ThePleasantPheasant

 2nd Place
Mixed Metal Vessel 129 by Sue of 11BOLDstreet

 3rd Place
Silver and Brass Pendant by Freda of FrekaK
Public Voting:
1st Place
Metallic Dragon by Kimberly of Kidalski
2nd Place
Metallic Themed Earrings by Jill of JKollmann
 3rd Place
Metallic Jungle Bracelet by Deb of RenGalSa

Drawing Winners:
Mary Gray, Brenda Cole, and Ronni Boyars
They get to pick a prize from one of our lovely participating shop owners.

Congratulations to all the winners, and thank you to everyone who voted and supports our challenges each month. 170 votes were cast this month.

Comments left by voters:
·        I wish I could make such beauties!!!!
·         Every one of the entries this month were beautiful and fun. Made it very hard to pick just three.
·         love all your hard work, awesome!
·         I have been missing in action due to my work. Missing my clayers! Lovely work this month!
·         I have an Etsy shop and belong to a team--one of my team mates does beautiful polymer clay work. She directed me to this contest.
·         Wonderful work everyone!
·         Love to see the creativity in the challenges!
·         It was very difficult to choose the top 3 as the criteria was met with some great creativity.
·         as always, outstanding work--good to see so many different interpretations!
·         As usual, choices were extremely difficult. The metallic garden necklace just spoke to me. I love the versatility of pc and chose the candle holder for its beauty of color and pattern. Like the metallic garden necklace, the copper queen piece just grabbed me.

·         Such creativity! I should have so much talent.
·         Some of the jewelry in this competition is so beautiful, it's giving me inspiration and drive to attempt to make my own as good.
·         I also like to make things in metallic PC. Now I am more inspired...I love the vessel, the light switch and the pendant but all the items are wonderful.
·         Beautiful work as I always expect. It's amazing what you can make with just a bit of clay!
·         Love the metallics! I am partial to jewelry, but love the innovative designs of the other objects.
·         Beautiful selection this month. Really lovely to look at. Well done all.
·         Thank you so much for your rewarding all us voters ....You rock
·         All of the entries are magnificent...hard decision...however I think the 3 I selected best met the challenge at hand...
·         Love all the metallics!
·         : )
·         I was very pleased with this group. The beaded earrings with polymer were beautiful as was the bracelet and pendent. Each piece was unique and showed the diversity that can come from polymer clay. Great job. Thanks Donelle
·         so many great items. Really hard to choose. Like all of them. Kudus to all
·         It is always hard to pick. Everything is so nice. BLESSINGS Sandra H.
·         Sooo shiny so pretty
·         Lovely ladies!
·         Love the torn metallic look
·         It always amazes me how many different interpretations there are of a basic theme. Great entries everyone!

·         I love this month's Faux Metallic Challenge... Many thanks, Cind
·         Seemed like a hard subject to conquer. All did a great job, so it was difficult to choose.
·         I enjoy this each month.
·         beautiful entries! hard to choose
·         excellent quality of entries this month
·         they are all cute, beautiful and awesome!
·         2 - a real art vase; 9 - really attractive; 3 - heavy metal for sure!
·         I'm a polymer clay artist (though not a member of PCAGOE), and am simply amazed at the level of talent that the entries here express! I can't imagine getting such a 'metallic' look to my clay items. #1 is amazing (I'm assuming she used millefiori, which I can't do for the life of me), #3 is remarkable-- I wish I knew the tricks of that trade. ;) Really a remarkable assortment of skill here!
·         great stuff
·         Each and every piece this month was beautiful! I loved looking at all of them.

·         #4: The detail and colors used in this pair of earrings is very well suited for each other. They look light, earthy, and full of movement. Beautiful
·         All your work is gorgeous and I can see the time put into each piece. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing. Should get back to my clay soon!! Colleen Harrison
·         Beautiful Dragon by Kim Just Love it!! Sincerely Patty
·         I really love the #1 necklace and also the blue vases, however the blue did not appear to have the metallic but they were my all round favorite of them all.
·         Kimberly Idalsky makes some of the most beautiful jewelry. I have a breast cancer bracelet, feather necklace and earring sets, a purple iris necklace and earring plus an orange lily necklace. She pays attention to detail and her items are just wonderful. On top of all that, she is a loving and giving person with a heart as big as Texas. Do yourselves a favor and order something from her. You will not be disappointed.
·         Tough choices as they are all amazing works of art... but my top three (Jill's necklace, Susan's vessel and Marie's switch plate) are the ones that I think best captured the feel of actual metal.
·         So many lovely pieces it was hard to choose.
·         great job everyone!!
·         Polymer Clay creations have certainly EVOLVED! Congrats to all nominations!

·         Great Job Everyone. Everything is beautiful.
·         Everyone's work is outstanding, as usual.
·         It is amazing how the same theme is interpreted in so many beautiful ways. So many talented artists.
·         Love the variety of items in this one! Great job everyone!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Hot Colors for a Cool Halloween

Orange and Purple for Halloween
Did you know that the hottest Halloween pairing this season is purple and orange? Jackie of The Pleasant Pheasant put together this great treasury to show you how it is done.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

September Challenge -- METALLIC

Scroll to the bottom of the post to vote for your favorites!

For this month's challenge our artists could use whatever method they wanted to achieve a "metallic" appearance as long as the piece contained 50% polymer clay. Take a look at the unique interpretations!

Vote and Win!
Three lucky winners will be selected in a drawing of all non-member voters and will be able to choose a prize offered by our member shops sponsoring this month's challenge. See the list of participating sponsors and prizes. 

And the entries are:

TO VOTE: scroll to bottom of post.

1 - Metallic Garden Necklace by Linda of NK Designs
This is my entry into the September Challenge for the Polymer Clay Artists Guild of Etsy. The topic is metallic so I used metallic gold clay for some of the flowers, metallic bronze and copper clay for the layers and copper leafing around the pendant. There also are copper findings and two matching beads along with Swarovski crystals in the necklace.

2.  Mixed Metal Vessel 129 by Sue of 11BOLDstreet 
For this "Metallics" challenge, I chose to layer bronzey-gold metallic polymer over a layered base. Mica powder was brushed over the stamped high points, and mica-tinted liquid polymer was brushed over black polymer areas to simulate aged, patina-ed metal. Rivets were added for fun :)
4 1/2" H.

3.  Industrial Chic Light Switch Plate by Marie of YoungCreative 
I love how the "soft and hard" marry beautifully in this piece. Each layer of the frame is an individually cut piece of silver clay, layered on top each other and then highlighted with a silver alcohol ink. The glass-like blue center is mokume gane with thin sheets of blue and translucent clay layered with silver foil. 

4. Metallic Themed Earrings by Jill of JKollmann
These are made from Sherry Serafini's "Arizona Sunset Earrings" tutorial, but with a polymer twist. The square capstone, the two cabochons, and all of the dangles are polymer clay. The dangles got the patina treatment. They are 4 inches long, excluding the leverback findings.

This necklace is made of Premo clay. The five 2 inch disks are embossed on both sides with pigments and paint. The smaller beads show the mica patterns of the clay itself. The necklace is 24 inches long.

This is my entry in the September PCAGOE challenge - Metallics. I wanted to try my hand at Bettina's wonderful pixelated retro cane, so pulled out some old discontinued copper that I had been hoarding for a dark contrast to the gold and silver. With my leftovers, I made a Stroppel Cane and a metallic version of my magic swirl cane. I accented the joints with some 'stitched' gold rope. The shine is incredible!

I've been noticing a lot of owls lately so I chose the owl for the Metal Challenge. He created his own expression but he reminds me of a soldier, standing guard and wondering what else could happen to him. He's cute.

8. RUSTic Knot by Beth of CreateMyWorld
For this month's PCAGOE Metallic challenge, I wanted to create a polymer clay piece that had the look of rusting metal. This chunky rusted knot pendant necklace was the result of my experimenting. The pendant is hung on an upcycled piece of jute cord that was harvested from an old nautical piece of jewelry, thus the varied colors in the jute which add to the rustic and old feel of the necklace.

This polymer clay pendant was made in a group with other clayers. The person in charge of the oven didn't watch the temp and my piece got slightly burned. I really like the mistake!

I used 4 different shades of purple, pearl metallic and transparent clay along with silver leaf to make this votive cup with matching shade.

Flowered vessel with faux metal draping - this is my entry for the PCAGOE Metallic Challenge for September 2012.

12. Metallic Dragon by Kimberly of Kidalski
PCAGOE Monthly Challenge ~ Metallic ~ Metallic Dragon ~ Black Diamond

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