Thursday, July 31, 2014

August Challenge Home Decor

For August our members focused on decorative items for the home. They could create anything inspired by the theme as long as the entries contained 50% polymer clay.

Vote for your favorites. Three lucky voters will be chosen in a drawing to win a gift certificate from one of our sponsor shops.

To see larger images visit:

1. Tea Pot for One by Berit of ClayImages
 A little tea pot for your tea party for one! This is my entry into the PCAGOE August challenge "Home Decor". Spiral canes make this tea pot fun and special. It's decorative as well as usable.

2. Balinese Silver Inspired Tea Pot by Lisa of HiGirls
This teapot was created with lots of black and burgundy clay and silver mica powders. The faux stones have a crackle of gold leaf.
To see more views:

3. Black & Purple Stone Prism Sculpture No. 143 by Susan of 11BOLDstreet
Purely for display, this faux stone polymer sculpture serves no useful purpose, except as luxurious eye-candy in your home decor scheme. Oh, and you will want to pick it up and handle it, too - it's silky-smooth to the touch! 

4. Pink Double Switchplate with Ribbon Pattern by Marcia of marcymPC
 A single switch plate in an abstract pattern with lilac and pale orange or beige and black inclusions, giving the impression of ribbons and bows. A randomized cane was sliced and laid out in a kaleidoscopic pattern on backing clay to create the design.

5. Summertime by Brenda of BeeJWilson
.. and the living is easy. I brighten up the bath in the summertime, and try to bring some outdoor beauty indoors. This soap dish and lotion dispenser are the perfect fix to do just that. The soap dish is made from the center section of a bright green wine bottle, cut in strips, then fused together in a grid pattern. I then slumped that over a bowl mold. I laid polymer clay inside the bowl and trimmed it all with butterscotch to accent the edge pattern. The lotion dispenser was once a salsa jar, covered with polymer clay to coordinate with the soap dish.

6. Cheery Songbirds Decorative Ornaments by Marie Young of YoungCreative
These songbirds began their lives as chicken eggs. They were laid by a well-educated chicken on a farm near me owned by a university dean. I sculpted playful polymer details over the hollowed-out egg shells. The bright color was achieved with polymer clay tinted with alcohol ink. The extra details in the wings and tail-feathers are really precious.   

7. Colorful Millefiori Floral Photo Frame by Angela of polymerclaycreations
This is a glass photo frame that I have covered with my floral canes.  

8. Patriotic 'Scope Pledge of Allegiance by Jill of JKollmann
Patriotic 'Scope Pledge of Allegiance with coordinating polymer stand. The banner has the entire Pledge of Allegiance, stamped one letter at a time. And spelled correctly!

9. Winged Creature with Beady Eyes Night Light by Betsy of PolyClayCafe
I've been on a night light kick lately, having lots of fun with translucent polymer clay (liquid and solid) and alcohol inks. So I knew I would make a night light. I made two for the challenge and this was the one I decided to enter in the challenge. The finished product is a large 5" tall x 4 1/2" wide by 1 1/2" deep.  For how this creature evolved and for more views visit my blog post at

10. Peace Dove Mosaic Cross by Arlene of Ashpaints
The focal tile of this cross mosaic is a Peace Dove. Each tile in this inspirational piece is handmade and impressed with deeply etched stamps. After curing, a combination of antiquing mediums, acrylic paints and metallic wax is used to enhance and highlight the designs. The wooden form is the only part of this piece that is not handmade of polymer clay.

11. Rays of Summer Soap Dish by Beth of CreateMyWorldDesigns
Polymer soap dish "lacy polymer" center and faux ceramic glaze finish. For more views and to learn more about my creative process for this piece, please visit my blog:

12. Pink Flower Bowl by Line of PlaySculptLive
Liquid polymer and fabric bowl. Read more:

13. Soap Dispenser by Freda of FredaK
Black and white mokume gane with red accents

14. Revolving Bottle Stopper Art Display by Jill Stone of Beautified Essentials
Some wine connoisseurs collect bottle stoppers and have them on display in their house. I have had fun making over 1,500 bottle stoppers over the past 2.5 years and selling them in olive oil and vinegar stores, wine stores, and wineries across Colorado and New Mexico. My new stopper designs have different art on each side of the chrome stopper- there are 30 stoppers on this display. You can take a closer look at my designs in my other Flickr pictures.

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Featured Artist Freda Kramer

Meet Freda Kramer of FredaK
 PCAGOE featured artist for the weeks of July 21st through August 3rd. 
(View her work featured on our Facebook page throughout this time period.)    
Freda lives in Northeastern Ohio. Aside from polymer, Freda also dabbles with copper and wirework. Freda says this about her creative journey, "I've always loved jewelry and when I started making it, my jewelry box overflowed. I was getting a lot of compliments on the pieces I made so I decided other people might like to enjoy them too. That is why I started my Etsy store.

Making the jewelry and other items just keeps getting better and better. There are so many things to do with polymer clay that I'll never have time for them all."

Find more of Freda's work at these online locations: and and

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Featured Artist Becky Sue Mizell

Meet Becky Sue Mizell
PCAGOE feature artist for the weeks of July 7th through July 20th. 
(View her work featured on our Facebook page throughout this time period.)  

Becky Sue has been working with polymer clay for over 20 years. She loves playing with color and creating whimsical items. One of Becky Sue's specialties is buttons… she has made buttons for a seamstress who has done work for celebrities. Steven Tyler (of Aerosmith), actress Virginia Hankins, and novelist George R. R. Martin, are a few celebs who possess Becky Sue's work. Regarding her creative journey, here are Becky Sue's own words: "Being the eighth of twelve children and growing up in a small town, I learned to be inventive. I made Christmas gifts for my family, which were always unique. Over the years, I created with paper craft, stained glass, rubber-stamping, book making and sewing. I would dive whole- hog into each until I got burnt out and needed to try something else. Years later, as an adult, I found I was still doing different types of art for my family, changing to a new medium every two to three years. One day, I decided I was going to try to make something for myself. I was familiar with polymer clay but had not used it much. I began by making a barrette for myself. I made one and then another; I just couldn't stop. Learning to use the clay has been a journey of pure fun. It has been the first medium that I have not gotten tired of using nor found the limits to its usage."

Find more of Becky Sue's work at these online locations: and and and and

Friday, July 11, 2014

July Mixed Media Challenge Winners

The winners in the PCAGOE July Challenge "Mixed Media" are:

Public Vote

Top entries selected by the public:

1. Patriotic "Betsy" Mixed Media Cat Art by Marie Young of YoungCreative

2.   Geometry in Motion by Brenda of BeeJWilson

3. Rich Jewel Toned Millefiori Floral Repurposed CD Suncatcher by Angela of polymerclaycreations


Member Vote

Top entries selected by PCAGOE members:

1. TIE: 
Geometry in Motion by Brenda of BeeJWilson
Patriotic "Betsy" Mixed Media Cat Art by Marie Young of YoungCreative

2. Rich Jewel Toned Millefiori Floral Repurposed CD Suncatcher by Angela of polymerclaycreations

3. Scrappy Necklace and Earrings Set by Lisa of HiGirls

View all of the entries:

Congratulations to the drawing winners. They get to pick a prize from one of our lovely participating sponsor shop owners.

Pam Christensen
Moyra Riley

Valerie Roberts 
Comments from the voters:
Love the work ladies!
Interesting ideas! Beautiful work ladies.
This was a fun challenge and was interpreted in so many different ways. Love the diversity and flexibility of polymer clay.
Really hard to chose they are all so good and creative. I wouldn't mind having any of them for my own.
All the entries are was not an easy choice...good luck!
Amazing stuff, ladies! Hard to choose!
Great work Arlene...I love it!
I saw the beautiful pieces on Facebook :)
These are AWESOME - I would LOVE to win one!!!
Amazing work everyone.
Your works of art are beautiful and dreamy. Keeps me fired up and inspired to create!
Fun to see such artistry!
So many clever designs this month!
I love to see all the talent that is here. Keep up the great work.
Love the ideas and originality
It was good to see some members getting away from what's "safe."
As usual - well done again!!
All the entries were exceptional and I had a hard time choosing this one.
Unusual entries this time!
Tough choice this month, all fantastic entries once again!
Great work, ladies!
All these are such worthy entries. It's really hard to decide.
Wonderfully imaginative work as always. It is so fun to see what everyone comes up with.