Monday, June 30, 2014

July Challenge Mixed Media

About the challenge: 
For July our members went mixed-media with their entries. They could create anything inspired by the theme as long as the entries contained 50% polymer clay.

Vote for your favorites. Three lucky voters will be chosen in a drawing to win a gift certificate from one of our sponsor shops.

To see larger images visit:

1. Patriotic "Betsy" Mixed Media Cat Art by Marie Young of YoungCreative
This mixed media piece features a polymer clay cat, "Betsy," sitting on a polymer airplane tail. The background is decoupaged tissue paper with a faux wood finish. Dimensions: 10 inches high and 10 inches wide with airplane overhang.

2. Carnival Mask by Betsy of PolyClayCafe
I love masks and tribal/totem designs so I decided to try my hand at a small mask in that style for this challenge. Materials include a cardboard mask base, acrylic paint, polymer clay, glitter glue and 20 gauge craft wire. You may view more photos and read about the process on my blog at

3. Licorice Leather Bracelet No. 180 by Susan of 11BOLDstreet
Mixed media wristwear, in trendy "licorice" leather, silver plated wire, Swarovski crystals, assorted beads and, of course, a textured polymer focal.

4. Madam FooFoo by Marcia of marcymPC
Madam FooFoo is an elegant little polymer clay lady wearing a lovely red and black dress and furry jacket today. She is thinking deeply as she attends all her social functions, planning for tomorrow's outings. Her daughter's wedding is coming up soon and she is also contemplating her mother-of-the-bride outfit. Proper clothing is very important to her.

5. Scrappy Necklace and Earrings Set by Lisa of HiGirls
A very thrifty necklace made from repurposed scrap clay bicone beads mixed with rolled scrap fabric beads and some fun spacer beads I found at Goodwill! A super long necklace that can easily be doubled around your neck. 

6.  Geometry in Motion by Brenda of BeeJWilson
The glass bottom was once a wine bottle. I cut the center section of the bottle into strips, fused in a grid pattern, then slumped it over a bowl mold. I then covered the center of the bowl with polymer clay square cane slices and trimmed the edges with bright orange to accent the shape.

7. Cloudy with a chance of Tyvek® by Beth of CreateMyWorldDesigns
Polymer clay, Tyvek®, gel inks, dyes and silk sari create this versatile minimalist necklace. To read about my creation process and to see the different ways this piece can be worn, check out my blog post on this piece here:

8. Steam-box-Etsy-mixed-media by Carole of CompelledCraft
This is a Wooden box that I covered in Premo polymer clay clay and I used metal legs and the metal Spigot in the center actually turns! To add to the steampunk look I used Swellegant to to patina and age the piece.

9. Mother's Hips by Line of PlaySculptLive
A mixed media sculpture that uses polymer clay, glass, metal and a secret bubble recipe.

10. Time Began in a Garden by Arlene of Ashpaints
This is the top view of an upcycled wooden cigar box. The design includes several layers of textured polymer clay, a message - Time Began in a Garden - and several metal and sparkly elements.

11. Rich Jewel Toned Millefiori Floral Repurposed CD Suncatcher by Angela of polymerclaycreations
This is an old computer disc that I have repurposed into a new life as a suncatcher. One of my favorite color combos. I saw these beautiful iridescent green and purple beads at the the craft store and knew I had to make a suncatcher to match. I covered one side with polymer clay. After curing and sanding I drilled some holes and added the crystals and beads for extra sparkle. CD's make great suncatchers with their reflective film. They give off wonderful rainbows when light shines on them. These can be used indoors or out. 

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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Featured Artist Lisa Rapp

Introducing Lisa Rapp of Hi Girls 
PCAGOE featured artist for June 9 through June 22
 (View her work featured on our Facebook page throughout this time period.)  
Lisa hails from Ivyland, PA and has been working with polymer for several years. In addition to #polymer, her talents include designing and #sewing fabric handbags and personal accessories. Her bags usually incorporate some aspect of her polymer, whether in the form of a clasp or just a decoration. About her work, Lisa says this: "I have been obsessed with polymer for several years now. It has progressed from using polymer in bead making to covering anything that isn't nailed down with polymer clay! My latest creations include teapots which require many hours of work, and have become one of my favorite things to make. Every bag at HiGirls designs is handmade by me, and each one is unique. I especially love working with vintage and repurposed fabric. I've been sewing since I was a young girl, and have a huge collection of fabric to prove it!"

Find more of Lisa's work at these online locations:

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

June Challenge Winners

The winners in the PCAGOE June Challenge "Art Deco" are:

Public Vote

Top entries selected by the public:

1. Art Deco Stained Polymer Clay Box by Betsy of PolyClayCafe 

2.  Art Deco Treasure Box by Arlene of Ashpaints

3. Art Deco Decanter by Beth of CreateMyWorldDesigns 


Member Vote

Top entries selected by PCAGOE members:

1. Art Deco Stained Polymer Clay Box by Betsy of PolyClayCafe 

2. TIE:
Nouveau Tile Teapot by Lisa of HiGirls
Art Deco Decanter by Beth of CreateMyWorldDesigns  

3. Art Deco Siamese Cigarette Girl by Marie Young of YoungCreative

View all of the entries:

Congratulations to the drawing winners. They get to pick a prize from one of our lovely participating sponsor shop owners.
Holly Piper-Smith
Donna Price
Melissa Houck 

Comments from the voters:
It was EXCEPTIONALLY difficult to choose this month! Everyone really nailed it!
This month was the hardest to choose from so far! Very well done on everyone's part!
I am a new polymer clay artist and I happened upon your site while doing research. I am thrilled to see there is a community of polymer clay artists who have formed a guild. I look forward to joining your group in the future!
This month it was soooo hard to choose. Really great work from all.
I'm a past member - love seeing what everyone is creating! Maybe it will inspire me...
I love all the talented artists on here!
Heard of this contest through PlaySculptLive.
Folks your work was wonderful this month! I wish I could pick more than three this time around. Very interesting and definitely can feel the deco flavor in the entries.
Lots of fabulous ideas from all of you this month.
Love the work of everyone!
Gorgeous creations!
Very imaginative.
This was a really hard month to choose. So many beautiful pieces.
I felt these three artists represented this month’s challenge extremely well. I really liked them all and choosing 3 was very hard.
Nice entries! Great work.
They are all so good it was difficult to make a 1, 2, and 3 choice.
Learned about the challenge from Gryffin Design Studio, fun stuff!
All exceptional work !! I enjoy the blog.
You’re all amazing artists ..I’m jealous lol.
Love your creations, keep up the good work.
I think this is the best group of entries in the challenge ever. It is very hard to vote this month!! Everyone did an incredible job! You've raised the bar and done an outstanding job of incorporating this month's art nouveau challenge.
Really fine designs!!!!!!
I heard about this challenge on the Blue Bottle Tree's Facebook. These are some seriously lovely creations! It was fun looking through them.
I thought Art Deco was not really a style I liked, but looking at these entries I must say I have changed my mind.
Wonderful showcase of skill and diversity of interpretation. These designs really highlight the endless possibilities of polymer clay.
Wish I could choose more. This one was tough! I also love the clock (11) and the bowl (12).
Gorgeous work!
All I can say is WOW.
Wonderful work everyone!!!
All these entries are really creative.
Nice group of entries!
Cool theme this month!
Beautiful work as always. The diversity is incredible.
You can see all the love these are made with!
Seriously tough to choose just 3 this month! Wonderful work all around!