Thursday, January 31, 2013

February Challenge Faux

For this month's challenge our artists had fun interpreting the theme "Faux." Entries had to follow the theme and contain 50% polymer clay. Take a look at the unique creations!

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The entries are:
(Click on entry title to see larger image. Scroll to the bottom of the post to cast your vote)

1. Faux Beach Glass Bracelets by Barbara of XOCC 
Faux beach glass bracelet based on Cynthia Tinapple's Craftcast class. -
Pardo Professional Art Clay, alcohol inks

2. River Rock Bracelet by Lisa of HiGirls
These shakers are covered with lots of texture and color.

3. Pink Leather and Lace Faux Leather Trinket Box by Angela of PolymerClayCreations
This keepsake box was made to look like hand tooled pink leather but is all polymer clay. It has a Chantilly lace pattern.

4. Faux Rusted Aged Metal Polymer Clay Pendant by Beth of CreateMyWorld
This pendant was made with my faux aged and rusted metal technique. The pendant is reversible and has a slightly different look on the opposite side (more photos, including the reverse side, can be found in my flickr photostream or in my etsy shop. For a free tutorial on how this pendant was created, please visit my blog post:

5. Faux Granite Egg by Marie of YoungCreative
Faux granite polymer clay covered chicken egg

6. Marble Elephant by Line of PlaySculptLive
This faux marble elephant is my entry for February's pcagoe challenge. Notice the faux ivory tusks too. He was a lot of fun to create. His eyes are kinda sad but he's not really. That is just how elephants look.

7. Faux Jade Icon Swirl Pendant by Arlene of Ashpaints
This design started with a unique mix of translucent clay tinted with alcohol inks and tiny bits of custom mixed shades of green polymer clay. The design was added using a deeply engraved rubber stamp. The self-bail was added and is actually a length of copper pipe covered by the faux jade clay which was then impressed with lines to mimic the stamped detail. After curing, the design in the pendant was enhanced using a rich coppery brown acrylic glaze. The pendant is strung on beading cable with coordinating glass beads and copper spacers, then finished with a copper toggle clasp.

8. Faux Jade Necklace by Linda of Claymation3d
Faux Jade Necklace created for the February PCAGOE Challenge. The focal bead is my first lentil bead project as well.

9. "The New Arrival" by Peggy of Peggers

10.  Faux Candy Box by Cindy of ArrowdaleStudio
This is faux on so many levels - faux satin and ruffles on the box, faux chocolates and papers in the box and faux plastic over the chocolates.

11. Faux Ivory Beads by Jill of Jkollmann
Set of three faux ivory PBB (pretty big beads) made for the faux challenge.

12.  Faux Stone Cuff No. 151 by Susan of 11BOLDstreet
For the "Faux" PCAGOE February Challenge I chose to create one of my liquid polymer/gauze bracelets with a fantasy stone in shades of lilac, grey, black and translucent, with flicks of magenta. Polished to a shine and accented with mica powder and sterling silver wire, it's a purple-lover's dream come true :)

13.  Eye of Horus Collar by Jan of JanGiesen
This faux artifact was made for PCAGOE's February 2013 monthly challenge. Polymer clay antiqued with Gilder's Paste patina waxes.

14. Not my Grandma's Quilt by Freda of FredaK
My daughter makes beautiful quilts and I wanted to see if I could make a teeny quilt with polymer clay using the extruder.

15. Faux Petrified Wood Zipper Pull by Marcia of marcympc
A zipper pull with the look of petrified wood. Black, gold, red and blue colored clay was used to create the effect in what is essentially a mirror-imaged bead which was then sanded and buffed.

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Friday, January 25, 2013

Our February Challenge Sponsors

Stop back Feb. 1-7, cast your vote for your favorites in our "Faux" challenge, and you will be entered to win a prize from the sponsor list below. Three lucky voters will win.

Our February Challenge Sponsors:

Gift certificate up to $20 to be used within 60 days of date of announced winner.

Any item up to $20.

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$20 gift certificate, up to 60 days unless by private arrangement with me

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Young Creative
any item worth up to $20 in my shop (no cash refund on balance); valid for 60 days  
Elemental Dragons
Custom made dragon (value of 24.99)

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Any one item of your choice up to $20 value; no cash balance

$20 gift certificate (no cash refund on balance); valid for 60 days

$20 Gift Certificate

$20 dollar gift certificate to be used within 60 days

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

January Challenge Winners

And the winners of the January Challenge are:

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Drawing Winners:
Deborah Anderson, Ellen Bergamasco, Michele Norine
They get to pick a prize from one of our lovely participating shop owners.

Congratulations to all the winners, and thank you to everyone who voted and supports our challenges each month. 155 votes were cast this month.

A sampling of comments left by voters:

· Fantastic This is looking like a great new year!!!!

· Beautiful everyone. Love all the amazing details. Hugs and happy claying in 2013 kidalski

· Hard to decide this month so many good entries.

· This challenge brought out all the best in the members this time - I love the diversity in the interpretation!

· I really enjoy and appreciate all the hard work these artists put into their pieces! I picked #5, the snowman, as my 1st choice, before I knew that it was made by my friend, Linda! So cheery and happy! It's interesting to read about how the entries were made, especially to those of us who aren't artistic like these artists are! Thanks for all your efforts!

· Some lovely entries again this month. Jewelry is still my favourite. Textures are amazing, it brings so much creativity in the air!!!

· Interesting to see the various way texture could be presented this month.

· I almost didn't vote. It was very hard to choose just 3. The entries this month are so great. I'm so sorry for not voting for others I liked.

· It was REALLY hard to pick just three! All of you amaze me with your talent every time I come here.

· Wonderful work from everyone! Jackie just keeps stepping up to the plate each month!. Love the Raku heart, it looks pretty darn realistic. The copper barrette looks like reptile to me, if I had more time...everyone did great!

· I had to choose the house because where I am from we have houses like that. Or at least used to.

· Wonderful work from everyone! Jackie just keeps stepping up to the plate each month!. Love the Raku heart, it looks pretty darn realistic. The copper barrette looks like reptile to me, if I had more time...everyone did great!

· As always, such beautiful submissions-my selections were simply the ones that touched my heart the most.

· Choosing was hard this time as this was a very strong show. Donna Freckmann

· All these items are good examples of what texture is about, some more than others. My choice of Raven's releasing the Sun shows inspiration and more than good use of textured surfaces. A very nice piece. The farmhouse is original in the use of the clay for the roof.

· I love the theme this month. It is an area I have just started really messing with. The entries are very eye-catching and show so much talent.

· I love to see the improving talent of our people.

· I love getting this newsletter every month. Even though I am not selling my work on Etsy (yet - I have dreams), I really enjoy seeing all the work that others are doing.

· An interesting challenge. I would not have been able to guess what tied all the entries together. An eclectic group of entries.

· Thanks for all that you do. I appreciate the creativity that I see.

· No. 9 would have been my fourth-place winner.

· I usually have a hard time picking 3 winners, but this time it was even harder. Texture is a popular medium I guess.

· What a great challenge. As always, it was difficult to choose! I love the pendant with all its little textures. The farmhouse is a real accomplishment, love it! The cuff is exquisite!

· Awesome stuff! Never left wanting more! Beautiful!!

· My top three choices could go either way, all three are superior. It was a difficult choice. Great work!

· I heard about the challenge from Jackie's comment. I really enjoyed perusing everyone’s work. It was difficult to choose.

· Awesome entries... kudos to all of the artists!

· Thank you all so much for participating. All of your work is creative and inspiring!

· Great idea for a theme and some awesome jewelry!

· Texture demonstrated beautifully! It was a hard choice this month.

· Very beautiful art work keep up the good work

· Your link is my fav. Always like to vote on the creations.