Saturday, May 31, 2014

June Challenge Art Deco-Art Nouveau

About the challenge: 
For June our members a stylistic theme: Art Deco/Art Nouveau. They could create anything inspired by the theme as long as the visible part of the entries contained 50% polymer clay.

Vote for your favorites. Three lucky voters will be chosen in a drawing to win a gift certificate from one of our sponsor shops.

To see larger images visit:

1. Nouveau Tile Teapot by Lisa of HiGirls
I was inspired by examples of beautiful Art Nouveau tiles. Created using a faux ceramic technique, this project required multiple firings to achieve the look. Take a look at the details here: I wish one picture could show every side! 

2. Cranberry Art Deco Brooch No. 131 by Susan of 11BOLDstreet
Using a palette of three packs of polymer on close-out sale, this brooch was inspired by the curves and symmetry common in the Art Deco style. Accents of silver plated wire and UV resin domes on the round inlays are the finishing touches. 2 1/2" diameter.

3. Decorative Art Deco Olive Oil Bottle by Brenda of BeeJWilson
My goal in each piece I create is to re-use an item that would ordinarily end up in the trash. This Decorative Art Deco Olive Oil Bottle was in fact born of an olive oil bottle. The original pour insert was saved and replaced after the bottle was decorated with tones of gold polymer clay. I toned down the gold clay with chocolate, then each of the lighter colors were lightened with pearl and translucent clay. 

4. Art Deco Stained Glass Mandala Sun Catcher by Angela of polymerclaycreations
This is two repurposed, upcycled computer discs that I gave new life to by making them into a sun catcher. First I cut the two discs so that they would interlock together. Then I drew an Art Deco mandala design on them. Then I extruded silver polymer clay to make the "solder" lines. Next I filled in the spaces with liquid polymer clay that I had tinted with oil paints, alcohol inks and mica powders. After curing them I drilled holes to attach wire and strung some lamp work glass beads.
One of the hardest parts was getting a good photo ;), lol. Check out more photos of it here:

5. Art Deco Stained Polymer Clay Box by Betsy of PolyClayCafe
Being an Art Deco junkie I was really excited about PCAGOE's challenge this month with the theme of Art Deco/Art Nouveau. Since I started working with translucent clay dyed with alcohol inks I had a vision for a faux stained glass box for this challenge. The box is approximately 4" square and 2" high. Read about the process on my blog at

6. Art Deco Siamese Cigarette Girl by Marie Young of YoungCreative
My Siamese cat, Emily, with her sleek black-gloved paws, reminds me of a slinky "cigarette girl" from the 1930s. I decided to sculpt this anthropomorphic cat art doll based on that crazy picture in my head. Meet my model and see how it came together:
7. Two Margarita Glasses by Berit of ClayImages
This is my entry for the PCAGOE June challenge, Art Nouveau and Art Deco. I embellished the glasses with extruded clay and Mokume Gane sheets. They are fun to use!

8. Art Deco Treasure Box by Arlene of Ashpaints
 Since a recent workshop with Laurie Mika, mosaic artist extraordinaire, I've been inspired to create more of these mini works of art.  I call these my Treasure Boxes because they are just the right size to keep little treasures in.  This treasure box reflects the Art Deco period with the straight lines and shapes you see in the textures and in the "crystal" at the top. 

9. Deco Cuff by Jill of JKollmann
Art Deco is the theme for this month's challenge. I made a cane based on an art deco stained glass window.

10. Art Deco Decanter by Beth of CreateMyWorldDesigns
Glass whiskey bottle that was decked out in Art Deco themed polymer. This is a huge bottle measuring in at 16" tall (with stopper). To read more about how this piece was created and to see more views, please go to my blog post here:

Art Deco Clock by Mary of MaryClaires 
This is a copy of a Japanese art deco clock, but in more color and texture. To see more go to

12. Art Deco Black and White Bowl by Line of PlaySculptLive
Read about my entry here:

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Monday, May 26, 2014

Featured Artist Mary Hargrave

Introducing Mary Hargrave of MaryClaires 
PCAGOE featured artist for May 28 through June 8
 (View her work featured on our Facebook page throughout this time period.) 

Mary is a jewelry artist who works primarily in polymer. A member of the Northern California Artists, she sells her work in the gift shop of the Sacramento Fine Arts Center. She recently won the SFAC Animal House Show humor award for a polymer piece inspired by Friesen entitled "Elephant in the Living Room". Mary is also a member of the International Polymer Clay Association.
About her artistic journey, Mary says:

"My love of color traces back to kindergarten where, standing in line to wash my hands, I smeared the purple tempra paint remaining on my hands to cover both arms up to the elbow making lovely matching gloves. Favorite crayons included fuchsia and turquoise. I was an acrylic painter of cars (not like Earl Schieb but think rather of portraits of headlights) until 18 months ago when I found Cristi Friesen's book on polymer and steampunk. I started at it and have not stopped. This medium has such endless possibilities, joy and color that it almost self-propelling. I find that I have to work at it daily or my hands twitch.

Jewelry has always been a fun source of inspiration for me and art-sy jewelry, in particular, makes a strong statement of individuality like small sculptures that you can wear. I value creativity, design, color and a sense of humor. I also am a compulsive shopper at Goodwill, Oakland Museum White Elephant Sale, Hospital Guild shops and other such places where I find old jewelry to re-use in new compositions. I take great delight in tearing these "found" pieces apart, never knowing where they might fit into designs of my polymer jewelry. My adventure with polymer has many teachers and mentors who provide inspiration and technical advice on a daily basis, but I find myself in my shop alone with that inspiration trying to do it justice while not copying. Translating that spirit and technique into jewelry for the shop is a never-ending story. If I miss day in the studio, I am a little down and feel I have missed the creative journey for that day. I hope my visitors will also enjoy my constant striving to create more interesting and colorful work."

Mary's primary interests are making art and colorful objects that serve as wearable art and her shop contains many different kinds of unique creations. Find Mary at these online locations:

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Featured Artist Jan Geisen

Introducing Jan Geisen
PCAGOE featured artist for May 12 through May 25
 (View her work featured on our Facebook page throughout this time period.) 

Jan has a BA degree, with original concentration on printmaking and photography. Over 20 years ago she discovered polymer clay and the millefiori technique. About her work, Jan says: "I discovered, after making my very first millefiori cane jewelry, that I am really an 'improv' artist. I spent more time working with the scraps from that first millefiori cane, than with the cane itself. Polymer clay is such an amazing medium that I have still haven’t exhausted its possibilities. No two pieces of jewelry of my jewelry will ever be alike." Jan's work has been featured in several places: on the Polymer Clay Daily blog, on The Polymer Arts blog, in the Helen Breil Shapes book, in The Polymer Arts magazine, Polymer Clay Cafe magazine and From Polymer To Art magazine.

After taking a stained glass class, Jan branched out into making garden art with polymer and glass, but currently she doesn't have any garden pieces for sale on Etsy. Jan was also featured on a episode of HGTV's That's Clever 6/18/2010, making one of her large plant stakes.

Find more of Jan's work at these web locations: and and and

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Featured Artist Jill Stone

Introducing Jill Stone of Beautified Essentials
PCAGOE featured artist for April 28 through May 11
 (View her work featured on our Facebook page throughout this time period.) 
Jill received a BS in ecology with an art minor. She has always enjoyed creating art that incorporates our natural environment. She enjoys making art that has a function- such as manicure sets, hair accessories, greeting cards, bottle stoppers, jewelry, light switch plate covers, etc. adorned with her art. Her work is a labor of love: she grows flowers and presses them to make flower cards and artwork. She has studied under the well-known potters Jack Troy, Nancy Utterback, and apprenticed with polymer artists Dan Friedlander and Ann Kruglak. Formerly a science teacher, she is currently a stay at home mom to two little girls. 

In her own words: "I've always enjoyed making art and learning about art. I took one art class every semester in college, and in the end realized I had enough credits to make it a minor. I was fortunate to meet two #polymerclay artists in Boulder, CO who were generous enough to teach me the basics of polymer clay. Through selling my art locally in about a dozen stores in Durango, CO, Santa Fe, NM, and Boulder, CO, I realized that I had my own unique style of art that people wanted to buy. 

I have sold over 3,000 pieces of art since 2012 in stores and craft shows, and am currently selling my #WineBottleStoppers in 9 olive oil stores, 4 Colorado wineries, and 7 additional stores in Colorado. I enjoy the endless possibilities that polymer clay provides. My 3 year old gets a kick out of "helping" me by turning the handle on my clay machine.

My 1 year old likes sitting on my lap while I make art. I'm fulfilling my passions of making art and being a full time mom. I plan to go back to teach high school science in a few years.. or maybe I will become a full time artist."

Her artwork can be found in two dozen stores in Durango, Boulder, Santa Fe and at these locations on the internet:

May Challenge Winners

The winners in the PCAGOE May Challenge "Bowls" are:

Public Vote

Top entries selected by the public:
1.  Asymmetrical Yarn Bowl by Beth of CreateMyWorldDesigns 

2. Purple Mokume Gane Yarn Bowl by Angela of by Angela of polymerclaycreations
3. Watercolor Mokume Gane Ring Bowl by Arlene of Ashpaints

Member Vote

Top entries selected by PCAGOE members:
1. Asymmetrical Yarn Bowl by Beth of CreateMyWorldDesigns 

2. 4-WAY TIE: Jade leaves and dragonfly bowl by Lisa of HiGirls , Red Hot Chili Pepper Bowl by Mary of MaryClaires, Footed Pinch Pot by Berit of ClayImages,
Green Brown Sea Glass Valet No. 144 by Susan of 11BOLDstreet

3. TIE: 
 Purple Mokume Gane Yarn Bowl by Angela of by Angela of polymerclaycreations
Watercolor Mokume Gane Ring Bowl by Arlene of Ashpaints 

View all of the entries:

Congratulations to the drawing winners. They get to pick a prize from one of our lovely participating sponsor shop owners
Moyra Riley
Carolsue Elliott 
Barbara Marinoq

Comments from the voters:
They all look great.
They really bowled me over!
Love them all! Hard to choose.
They are all stunning, but I really like No. 10 as the bowl itself has so many techniques combined it's a real challenge.
Beautiful entries. #1 was a close runner-up.
I think this is the best group of entries for a monthly challenge that I have seen.
Hard to choose as always everyone did a great job.
Great work.
These were exquisite! It was hard to choose.
Beautiful work on all.
Such inspiration for inexperienced clayers like me. As always, ALL the items are beautiful, creative and great eye candy.
Always such a tough decision! All of these are just lovely!
Great work!
All the bowls are beautiful. This was one of the most difficult challenges to choose from yet!
Brilliant bowls, really hard to choose.
Great designs, I like the special ones most!
Beautiful work....I would use all of them :)
They are all so beautiful, which makes hard to choose but keep up the great work girls!
Top notch! You all aced it.
Your work, all of you, is just wonderful. You are all winners really!
One of the best challenges yet!
Great work. Love the variety of techniques used and the finish of the pieces.
It was hard to choose... all are such wonderful works of art.
This was really tough, really tough. I changed my votes several times. Just want to say they are all winners!
Very creative and different.
Very beautiful and inspirational work! Looking at the wonderful things that talented artists can create with clay, helps this newbie (of 3 years!) stay motivated to try new things and hopefully develop some techniques to one day be able to give back to the community! :)
Love them!!!
I love the jade leaves and dragonfly. The two yarn bowls are very uniquely different, they are useable as well as beautiful pieces of art. The three artist should be proud of their work.
I have never had as hard a time as this to pick just 3 !! These are the most gorgeous bowls I have ever seen!!! When I win lotto I am buying all of them!
So creative.
Really great work again this month!
Love the creativity of these bowls!
They're all so unique and beautifully done! Another tough choice this month, they all deserve a prize!
Gallery quality work!