Monday, May 9, 2016

May 2016 Challenge winners "Negative Spaces"

Top entries selected by the public

1. Bubble teapot by Lisa of HiGirls 

2. Faux Copper Butterfly Journal  by Arlene of HarrisonHollow. 

3. Made in Helen Breil's Class by Freda of FredaK  

Top entries selected by members

1. Two-way tie

Masquerade Journal(?) Cover by Brandee of BrandeeBlank

Spring Sprung Vessel by Beth of CreateMyWorldDesigns

2. Black Tan Yin Yang Earrings No. 188  by Susan of 11BOLDstreet

3. Made in Helen Breil's Class by Freda of FredaK  

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Comments from the voters:

  • Hard to make a choice when you like them all!
  • Beautiful work !
  • They were all wonderful. I thought everybody did a great job of coming up with inspiring items with the prompt given.
  • Another great challenge!!
  • Love all of them this month. Nice work!
  • Love the design of spirals and the whimsy of the fox.
  • Beautiful work all around!
  • I love all your artwork! Very talented artists for sure!
  • Well, you guys just get better and better. It was hard to pick again.
  • Interesting challenge--good idea!
  • Love that fox, and the journal is awesome!
  • Lovely work by all.
  • Loved this challenge theme and all the variations it produced! Bravo to all the entrants!
  • As always it was hard to choose favorites - everyone is a winner.
  • Learned about this contest in the group Hooked On Polymer.
  • Heard through the Hooked on Polymer Facebook group.
  • A really tough theme, but you ladies took it home! Beautiful work!
  • Hard to make a decision this month!
  • Again, difficult to choose. Very skilled craftsmanship and creative solutions to the challenge.
  • All amazing works of art...
  • Some really great stuff here!
  • Not an easy theme, not for the faint of heart, but geez these artists nailed it!

Sunday, May 1, 2016

May 2016 Challenge - Negative Spaces

For May we are featuring Negative Spaces. Vote for your top 3 favorites. One lucky voter will be chosen in a drawing to win a gift certificate from one of our sponsor shops.

To see larger images visit:

1. Bubble teapot by Lisa of HiGirls 
PCAGOE's May Challenge "Negative space"
Simple black textured clay over white ceramic with bubble cutouts.
More views here: HiGirls on Etsy.

2. Fox Hollow  by Marie of MarieYoungCreative
This sassy fox emerges from her pumpkin hollow to offer a warm welcome to potential visitors. The vibrant oranges are translucent clay combined with opaque black, white, and orange mokume gane swirls and stripes. 8 inches tall.

3. Black Tan Yin Yang Earrings No. 188  by Susan of 11BOLDstreet
For the "Negative Space" Challenge, I began by layering olive, khaki tan, magenta and black polymer. Using a teardrop cutter, I cut a shape, cut a chunk out of it, then flipped the layer stack upside down and cut the complementary shapes. After fitting those together, I formed a top element from the ends. All edges were sanded and buffed. Drilled holes reveal the layers, and were filled with UV resin. Gunmetal black wire and findings were chosen for the metal components.

4. Masquerade Journal(?) Cover by Brandee of BrandeeBlank Made in mind as the entry for this month's PCAGOE challenge 'negative space', and named after a wonderful book I used to read as a little girl when I visited my aunties house which was an art book where you had to find the hidden bunny on every page. This piece was intended as a journal cover, but I haven't actually glued it down yet. I think it will also look great as just an art piece for the wall in a shadow box.

5. Faux Copper Butterfly Journal  by Arlene of HarrisonHollow.
This journal cover started with a skinner blend of yellow to red for the butterfly's wings. Next came a custom copper blend using brown, red and gold polymer clay. The cutouts were made to show the pretty color for the butterfly wings and teardrops and circles finished the look of the butterfly wings. Leaves and swirls and curls were added, then textured to finish the design. A patina was added to give it the looked of aged copper. The cover was glued to a brown faux leather journal.

6. Sparkling Tool Holder by Betsy of StrebeDesigns
Made from a translucent and opal polymer clay layer over metallic painted polymer clay. Approximately 3" high and 3 1/2" in diameter.  I love making tool holders and if you work with polymer clay I have a free tutorial for you

7. Made in Helen Breil's Class by Freda of FredaK

8. World in Her Hands by Line of PlaySculptLive

9. Spring Sprung Vessel by Beth of CreateMyWorldDesigns
Polymer Clay and epoxy clay were the materials used to create this piece as a study of negative space as a design element. To read more about the creative process and challenges of this piece, please visit my blog post:

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