The Polymer Clay Artists Guild of Etsy (PCAGOE) is a moderated group made up of polymer clay artists from all over the world. Although online, we are truly a Guild in the traditional sense, helping members to advance skill levels, learn new techniques, conquer design issues, and support each other as etsy shop operators. Because of our off-etsy activities and forum, as well as our developing lending library, we have Guild expenses which are covered by annual dues paid by our members.

Why Join PCAGOE?

1. Improve as an artist and a merchant
We have a private forum outside of Etsy where members discuss business and artistic opportunities. We also host a monthly challenge that help members to grow creatively while also promoting their shops. Members are very generous in sharing knowledge and people often volunteer to help other artists learn new techniques.

2. Get help promoting your store
A focus of promotion for our members is through our monthly challenges, which are promoted on facebook and members' blogs as well as on our own site.  We do team Treasuries on etsy and there is always room for more of that.  Sometimes we run special seasonal promotions.  We also have weekly featured item threads on etsy, making it easy for members to promote items within a range of circles on etsy.  We have a Pinterest page, which is used to share items made by our members as well as challenges and treasuries. We also do occasional bulk buys of supplies to save members money.

3. Gain a support system
No matter where you are in your polymer journey, there is guild member who is there with you. There is also someone more seasoned to help you move to the next level in your artistic pursuits.

Annuals Dues: $20 per year (April through March). People who join mid-year pay pro-rated dues.

To Join: Prospective members may find additional information on joining on our Esty team page: