Monthly Challenge

Each month PCAGOE members hold a challenge as a way for members explore new facets of our art. Voting is open to the public the 1-7th of each month. See what the artists of the PCAGOE have created and be entered to win a great polymer clay prize just for voting.

2014 Challenge Themes:
January:  From the Recycle Bin                                            Winners List
February:  Wall Art - on canvas or board                              Winners List
March:    Covered Eggs/similar shapes                                Winners List
April:   Containers                                                                  Winners List
May:    Bowls                                                                         Winners List
June:    Art Deco/Art Nouveau.                                             Winners List
July:    Mixed Media -must be at least 50% polymer clay       Winners List
August:    Home D├ęcor.                                                           Winners List
September:   Little Black ball                                                 Winners List
October:    Southwest/Native American                                 Winners List
November:    Mandalas
December:    Carving

2013 Challenge Themes:
January:        Texture                                      Winners List
February:      Faux                                          Winners List
March:          Celestial (Sun, Moon, Stars)      Winners List
April - Four Seasons - any or all                     Winners List
May - Mosaics                                                 Winners List
June - Elements (Earth, Wind, Fire)               Winners List
July – Charity Challenge                                 Winners List
August – Tribal/Goddess                                Winners List
September - Inspired by a story or book        Winners List
October - Forest/Woodsy                              Winners List
November - S&P shakers                               Winners List
December - Beads, Baubles, and Balls (anything Christmas or seasonal)          Winners List

2012  Challenge Themes:  
January - Not Jewelry, Not Wearable                                  Winners List
February - Specific Color Palette                                        Winners List
March - Stripes, Squiggles, Dots, Bold Graphics                 Winners List
April - Layers                                                                        Winners List 
May - Specific Artists Inspired                                              Winners List
June - Bowls/Vessels                                                            Winners List
July - Extruded                                                                      Winners List
August - Charity Related Challenge                                      Winners List
September - Metallic                                                            Winners List
October - Medieval                                                               Winners List
November - Asian Inspired                                                   Winners List
December - Monochromatic                                                 Winners List
How to vote:
Once the challenge post is published on our homepage you can vote for your top three favorites in the pull-down voting box at the bottom of the challenge post. Depending on the speed of your internet connection, it may take a few moments to appear. Each person gets to choose their 3 unique entries. Please choose 3 different entries. Duplicate votes for the same entry will not be counted.

When to vote:
Voting begins on the1st day of each month, and ends at midnight, Eastern U.S. time on the 7th day. The top vote-getting entries will be awarded first, second and third place respectively. Voter prize winners will be announced at a few days after voting closes.

About the prizes:
Three (3) lucky public voters, chosen at random, will win their choice of a beautiful polymer clay prize from one of our participating shops. Winning voters will be sent information on selecting a prize from one of the participating shops.