Sunday, October 9, 2011

October Challenge Winners

And the winners of the October "Masks" challenge are:

Winners voted on by the public:

1st Place: 
3 - Dragonfly Mystique by Arlene of Ashpaints

2nd Place: 

7 -  Showgirl by Jackie of The Pleasant Pheasant

3rd Place:

1 - Mexican Inspired Polymer Clay Mask by Lisa of HiGirls

Winners voted on by PCAGOE members:

1st Place:

3 - Dragonfly Mystique by Arlene of Ashpaints

2nd Place:
7 -  Showgirl by Jackie of The Pleasant Pheasant

3rd Place:

1 - Mexican Inspired Polymer Clay Mask by Lisa of HiGirls

The voters who won prizes this month:
Rosa Parks
Sandy Prenzi
Jennifer Smith
Winning voters have one week after being contacted to furnish us with your mailing address. If you do not respond within 1 week, your prize will be forfeited and returned to the prize pool.

Congratulations to all the winners, and thank you to everyone who voted and supports our challenges each month.

193 votes were cast this month.

Comments left by the voters:
A great idea and a great challenge! I love working in polymer but doing faces well takes a lot of skill!

These are so creative. I love how each artist interpreted the theme in a unique way.

A difficult challenge this month. Members can through with flying colors. Very nice.

Very creative stuff - as always. Such talent here in this group!

This was truly a challenge for this artist but I love how it got me to experiment with shapes and dimensions I normally avoid. Everyone did a great job and there are surely seven winners this month!

Adorable masks! Great job by amazing artists.

Even with just seven entries, the choices are still difficult. I went with entries that stretched the boundaries of traditional masks.

Cool masks! I have to say that for me, the Dragonfly Mask takes the cake for being really well done and great looking, but I sure liked the others as a very close second to that one. Good going, everyone.

These are all beautiful works of art . Thanks for sharing

This was a hard decision this month. All the masks are works of art and are all beautiful.

Great variety in the entries this month.

This challenge was particularly difficult for me to vote on as (A) I LOVE masks; and (B) I felt every single one was excellent.

I love the use of colors and the personal touch in these masks. They are all so nice!

So bummed that I couldn't find time to do this challenge... this was one I was really looking forward to doing, but alas, I haven't even touched a piece of polymer clay in months. :( I really need to get back to creating. Job well done by all who entered. The dragonfly mask is my #1 pick, just beautifully executed...

You guys all did so well! Beautiful work.

A wonderful challenge and awesome entries.

Loved 'em all. Hard to choose.

#7 rocks. Full fledged mask. A lot of professional work went into this one!

All entrees are so different and colorful which made this a difficult decision. I applaud all for their creativity!

Great idea! Love the entries!

Beautiful Masks!

I saw a link to this in a post from Jackie Seiban. These are all amazing masks! I belong to the Polymer Clay Smooshers guild on ArtFire and unfortunately we weren't able to do our Masquerade Ball Challenge this year. You've got some very talented artists here!
-Michelle of CreativeCritters

Love them all....makes it so difficult to choose!

I was impressed by the use of color and rhythm in some of the interpretations this month. Masks aren't easy--I have tried to make them myself and was not completely satisfied with the results, so I appreciate even more the beautiful and striking results in this month's challenge pieces.

Your members are so talented that it is hard to choose!

all the work is lovely and shows off the range of talent in the guild.

I love voting for these monthly
contests! There are so many
talented artists.....
Thanks, Cindi

Your pages continue to inspire me.

Great entries, hard to choose...Always enjoy!

It was hard to make a choice because they are all excellent. I chose the ones that were more "me".

I love seeing the entries every month. All the artists are so original

I love all of them and it was so hard to choose! Can I just pick all 7?!! :)

Being from Mississippi, Mardi Gras is right around the corner. I love these! Great job everyone!

I love polymer clay masks, am in Sarajane Halems mask book myslef and oftenmake some - what better medium than PC to express strong feelings like those a mask can represent?

Awesome masks, mostly loved the first one, so vivid

The wakeup Mask is beautiful and I love the symbology.

The thumbnail of #7 was not impressive - enlarged the exquisite detail easily makes it #1.

Nice work everyone!

These are all wonderful! As always,
very hard to choose.

These are fun!

Everyone did so well that as always it was hard to pick. Good luck to everyone.

All the masks are so pretty, it was difficult to chose one. Thanks for letting us help choose.

Just found you and love the site

All the entries are amazing and inspirational.

Love the textures & colors that work so well together

I love the dragon fly on the mask.

I'm sad I missed this one, MOVING takes so much out of you.....

I'm just starting off learning polymer clay and these wonderful works of art are great inspriation for where this new passion might take me. thank you

I think these mask are realy lovely and a piece of art

goodness, so hard to pick,they are so different and original---wonderful work each and evey one-sherry

Just beautiful and I really liked the assortment. Wonderful job to all. Eileen

Such lovely work hard to pick my favorites. Always such enjoyable eye candy displayed at these challenges.

I truly love the crackle finish on the showgirl mask and the braided headband. I like the simplicity of this compared to the more ornate ones.

I am just getting started in poly-clay.
All of these beautiful works inspire me.
Thank you so much for sharing!

In a word....Thanks...Thanks for being here.

Love the colors of the beads on the Mexican mask!

What a lovely group with wonderful goal where polymer clay is so beautifully celebrated through each post.

number 1 is stunning, love the colours and work that must have went into it ! Lovely

All beautiful masks!! What a difficult challenge! The colors of The Mexican Mask are really popping:)

I have not yet joined the PCAGOE but it's on my list ! I love the newsletter I am also a polymer clay artist and it's so much fun to see what other artist's are creating ! I am happy to be able to vote it was fun and inspirational ! Thank You and Good Luck to all the artist's who had entries!

I really love the originality of "Wake Up"!

love the dingly danglies on the wake up mask...looks just like me when I get out of bed!

I simply love the whole contest and how creative people joins to do their very best and show their talent!

Interesting challenge. Loved to see the different styles of work. Particularly liked the color palate used in dragonfly mask as I have always been fasinated by the fancy masks of this type.

All the entries were extremly unique and intricate. It was difficult to judge - the more I looked at the entries, the more I saw to draw my eye towards each one.

Lisa's entry just made me smile and the detail work is exceptional. Well done.

I am glad you gave use the 1-2-3 choice I was having a hard time just picking one.

I thought all entries were quite original; but I could see that a lot of different kinds of work went into the Dragonfly Mask; and it turned out to be gorgeous.

The Show Girl Mask is very striking and mysterious. I especially like the gold crackle which is part of the forehead.

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