Thursday, February 9, 2012

February Challenge Winners

And the winners of the February challenge are:

Winners voted on by PCAGOE members:

1st Place

Pastel mini bicone necklace by Lisa of HiGirls

2nd Place Tie

- Polymer Clay Artist Trading Card by Kelly of KellyPlaysClay

First "Relief Beyond Belief" Bead by Jill  ofJKollmann

3rd Place

Nature's Impressions in Pastel by Jan  of JanGeisen

Winners voted on by Non-PCAGOE members:

1st Place Tie

Spring Wedding Cake Topper Love Birds & Spring Bouquet by Marie of YoungCreative

Pastel mini bicone necklace by Lisa of HiGirls

2nd Place

- Polymer Clay Artist Trading Card by Kelly of KellyPlaysClay

3rd Place

First "Relief Beyond Belief" Bead by Jill  ofJKollmann

The voters who won prizes this month:

  Angie Nuzzo
Ellen Greene Bush
Linda Grow

Congratulations to all the winners, and thank you to everyone who voted and supports our challenges each month.

168 votes were cast this month.

Comments left by the voters

I love the Monthly Challenges and I love being able to choose my three favorites from such a good group of photos. Everyone did such good work.

This is one of the prettiest challenges. Love all the spring colors.

It was a tough time deciding between the entries. Everyone worked so hard. Such talent and diversity.

My first choice is because I love birds, the second is because I love the colors in the dragons and the third is because I love my Mom and she made that one.

I loved the relief beyond belief bead - I've made one myself and they are a real challenge!

Hard to believe they were all using the same color choices!

Excellent interpretations of the colors specified, for the most part. Beautiful, difficult choices!

Gorgeous interpretations of the theme!

Saw Jill's in person at our guild meeting. Quite spectacular.

A gorgeous collection of Spring colours ~ it was very difficult to just choose three pieces. Good luck to all the entries :^)

Voting is always a challenge. What a talented group!!

Loved the mini bicone necklace for the pastel transparent beads.The Spring Goddess entailed some intricate work ,well done.

All I can say is WOW!!!! These are all great entries! Was really really really hard to choose!

This was favorite colors to begin with.

I think hi girls is the cat's meow (in other words extremely creative)

Great creativity! I'd love to do this again!!

That dragon is so cute.

The dragon is adorable.

I loved the pattern and color in the mokume gane compact--beautiful surface effect. The spring color palette pendant had beautiful color and pattern and I loved the sculptural shape. And I thought the elegant simplicity of the pastel bicone beads was very enticing. Great job, everyone, and I loved the different interpretations of the theme.

I loved the novelty of the trinket box. It made me smile like a warm spring day would. I liked the practicality of the mirror and the decorative tiles. They were understated, but captured spring.

I love all the beautiful clay work!

Beautiful Palettes! Great Artists.

So hard to choose. These are beautiful and i'd love to wear/have them in my house.

Everything is so pretty and spring looking. Love the colors.

As always it was hard to pick. I really like them all but I know I had to pick my three favs.Thanks to everyone who enter and gave us such sweet eye candy.

The artists are very creative! Fabulous sculptures!

I'm so longing for spring, these beautiful entries make this cold winter a bit more bearable!

All Creations are Beautiful ^_^

Fantastic examples!! Great skills!!!

Jan pastel with out being too cute, great!

This is inspiring me to get on the ball and make spring jewelry!

Wonderful group of entries. I am especially in love with the first relief beyond belief focal. Loved the color and theme.

This month, was really a challenge for me!

Every creation is wonderful and truly fits the subject. Well done, Cindi

Another month of beautiful work, ladies! I love this color palette.

Your creative entree's make it difficult to choose. I love to see the challenges each month.

Thanks for all you do.

Love the contests and the monthly newsletter....

These entries are all beautiful and have used many techniques. I am so impressed.

This was a hard challenge to choose on! So many great ones. But that simple focal using dan cormier's technique has to be tops. I have tried that and it is so much harder than it looks. Kudos!

Awesome!! Love seeing how creative these people are!!

Great variation between the entrees.

I like the challenges if only to see the scope of what the artists enter.

My vote for #1 was the dragon with dragonfly on it's back. I'm particularly impressed with the wonderful translucent dragonfly wings! I would love to know how they were made.

am awed by all of the entries, and can see how much work, dedication and love went into each of the pieces! it was difficult to choose, but after quite a while i made my choices.

good luck to everyone of you artists!

I enjoy seeing each challenge and how each art piece fits in. Keep on creating !!

Oh you guys are making me want spring to come sooner ! Great job they are all beautiful

#9 is striking; #3 flattering; #8 whimsical

Great challenge with spring just around the corner. It always amazes me at how diverse the entries are.

Nice pick me up of color to look at - thank you folks so much for the bright spot in the day. :^D

Beauifil sweet soft colors. Amazing intricate details. Well done by all. Wish I could join this group.

I haven't started doing polymer clay yet. One of my goals. Am inspired by the work of your members.

Ok...ready for Spring now!! Gorgeous colors...stupendous works!

I heard about PCAGOE through a friend. I enjoy seeing the different creations. Many talented people!

I am a member of Etsy, and I'm relatively new to polymer clay and am constantly admiring other people's work and learning and researching as much as I can. I came across the site: which has a link to here. :)

I always like to have the opportunity to see the work of a very creative group.

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