Sunday, June 10, 2012

June Challenge Winners

And the winners of the June Challenge are:

Winners Voted on by PCAGOE Members

1st Place
Olive Gauze Bowl No. 126 by Susan of 11BOLDstreet
 2nd place
Colorful Rainbow Paisley Mosaic Bowl by Angela of polymerclaycreations
  3rd place
Textured Clay Pinch Pot by Marcia of MarciaPalmer
Winners Voted on by Non Members

1st Place
Frolicking Pisces Bowl by Marie of YoungCreative
 2nd Place
Sweet Petite Tea Pot by Berit of ClayImages
3rd Place
Colorful Rainbow Paisley Mosaic Bowl by Angela of polymerclaycreations

Drawing Winners

Congrats to Janette Walters, Cynthia Walcott, and Cheryl Holland.
They get to pick a prize from one of our lovely participating shop owners.

Congratulations to all the winners, and thank you to everyone who voted and supports our challenges each month.
186 votes were cast this month.

Comments left by voters:

Lovely bowls! Thanks for sharing with us.

Fabulous creations this month! So hard to choose!

I love the tea pot but also am partial to inros so it was a toss up ;-)

I love Beth's piece because it's eco-friendly. The title is clever too!

Some great work here love all the colors.My first pick is because I see so much work and thought that has gone into this project very colorful.
All others great too.

amazed by the colors and different ideas...awesome.

I see lots of attention to detail and quality this month. Congratulations.

I hope to be a member someday soon!
Love all things polymer:)

I think the talent in these challenges keeps getting better and better. I know they get harder and harder to choose. Everyone did such beautiful work. Thanks

Love these challenges!

Fantastic entries - such a variety of "vessels," and so many techniques! What a talented group we are. :)

Wonderful imaginations and talent .. as usual!
 I really enjoy looking at everybody's art work. You are all so creative!

Fantastic entries!! everyone has done an exceptional job!! Was difficult to choose. Love Lisa's unusual idea of creating a bowl out of buttons!!

Such talented artists!

Very hard to select only the top 3 as they were all lovely works of art!

The teapot is beautiful. I have never seen one with so much color and personality. What fun!
The link came to my own wall ( as I already friend, LIKE, and subscribe.

All are so beautiful. I just love the uniqueness of the pieces I chose.

They are all beautiful and happy!

Every piece was very very nice.

excellent work, as usual. this one was a difficult decision.

These are all wonderful!

These were all so very well done it was really hard to choose!

Such beautilful work I'd love to be able to do such fine work.

I would love to decorate my house with some of these bowls.

They're all beautiful creations!!!

It was practically impossible to pick favorites this time! Congratulations to everyone who entered the challenge this month. All of your pieces are beautifully done.

Great workshop everyone!

A difficult choice this month. There were many wonderful entries

So many lovely items, it was hard to choose, even harder when you get to know the artists!!

Very creative and love the colors.

What a tough selection - I'm SO proud of our Guild :)

I Love all the entries but that little Teapot is fabulous as is the Pisces was a very tough decision! Good Luck to all :)

This was an extremely hard month
to choose from. They are all lovely and beautiful!

Wonderful art ladies. Hard to choose again this month.

very hard to choose. All are great.

very nice and full of inspirationcreations-not easy to choose the winners!

lots of very cool entries--the variety is really astonishing. good luck to all!!

Gosh it was hard to pick just 3! I spent hours trying to make up my mind.

What'em all...!!

Rainbow colors & black and white... my favorite combinations and the fit perfect in a bowl, inro and teapot!!!

I loved viewing all the entries the three I picked though were my fav. If I could of picked a 4th I would of picked the little salt and pepper shakers...

Great items to choose from again this month.

i love the diversity that each member uses to cover a topic. i am always fascinated by the outcome and every time it is difficult to choose among such great art work!

although the challenge was bowls and vases. The creativity and work is great!

Amazing. I get inspired every month.

Beautiful pieces - the choosing was difficult.

Each entry is unique and so creative. What a great group of artists!!

Very hard to vote, such good work! Marie's fun and frolicking fish vessel won me over completely. I was very impressed with all the ideas presented.

11. I love using lightbulbs, my own way if recycling them. I love the creativity here.
8. Spiral canes are the best. I love making them and seeing others as well. Love the colors.

Janice Vuncannon Sears posted the contest on facebook. I am glad she did. I didn't know this was around. Very taleted artist

This one was tough. There were so many wonderful entries.

Beautiful array of artistic interpretations of vessels. Difficult to decide on favorites this month with so many excellent entries.

All the pieces are amazing, hard to vote. If I got more votes I could keep going.

Everything is amazing. Well done everyone.
So many wonderful entries, but I am always drawn to the colorful ones...

WOW! Wonderful entries. You've outdone yourselves once again Ladies :)

An especially challenging challenge, but what a great group of entries. Lovely. Just Lovely.

Really enjoyed the variety this month!

What a great challenge! Once again,you all have forced me to make a very difficult decision. What a talented group!!

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