Thursday, August 9, 2012

August Challenge Winners

And the winners of the August Challenge are:

Winners Voted on by PCAGOE Members

1st Place
Blue Denim Liquid Polymer Cuff by Sue of 11BOLDstreet

2nd Place
A Blanket of Stars Bracelet by Angela of polymerclaycreations

3rd Place
Cha Cha for Hope Bracelet by Kimberly of Kidalski

Winners Voted on by the Public

1st Place
Cha Cha for Hope Bracelet by Kimberly of Kidalski

2nd Place
Art Nouveau Bracelet by Marie of YoungCreative

3rd Place
A Blanket of Stars Bracelet by Angela of polymerclaycreations

Drawing Winners

Carla Randall, Rebecca Doremus, and Kathy H. Caldwell
They get to pick a prize from one of our lovely participating shop owners.

Congratulations to all the winners, and thank you to everyone who voted and supports our challenges each month.

182 votes were cast this month.

Comments left by voters:

They are all beautiful entries and wonderful expressions of your generosity & love! Every entry is a beautiful way to let someone know that you care. I wish I could have voted for more than three. I put #3 in the top spot because it has the most "rare" and unique look of all, as well as being very attractive. I voted for 10 because I agree with the artist that it conveys a happy feeling, and I love the ghost cane beads! Number 11 also got my vote because of the complexity of the pattern and because it seems to glow from within. It took me forever to make a final decision. It was clear to me that every piece had lots of work put in into it. Good luck to all!
I love this challenge. It great to see how everyone used a basic color and created such different pieces. Well done everyone and for such a good cause. Bravo!
Everyone’s work is beautiful!
All of the entries this month are so pretty. I love how varied the styles are yet the color is common is all. Great job.
Fantastic designs this month!!! Great!
It is always hard to pick the 3 best, but this time was even worse. I think they are all winners.
This was a hard choice, all were so pretty. There were so many great entries, it was hard to choose. The colors and blends and mixes were all very good. They were all winners! Great job !!
Good cause, beautiful bracelets! 5 very original. 7 loved the colors here and the work was special. 8 this is pretty and I think would be easy to wear. 

Beautiful blues and I loved them all. Great artistry and work.
It was hard to choose from so many beautiful bracelets :)
You wonderfully creative clay artists make this very difficult to only choose 3! LOL! Bravo, All.
All of the entries are winners because of the generous hearts of every craftsperson.
Entries are getting better every time.
Thanks, Jackie for the reminder.
Hard to choose this month. Lots of goodies.
Thank you for all you do. You are all an inspiration.
Wow! another difficult choice for all the beautiful blues presented. I chose Beth's Casual Blue as first because I like the combination of hard and soft, as well as the blues, and could see myself wearing that bracelet. The blanket of stars was close, as it was really lovely as is the shades of blue, love the pattern! You all do beautiful work, and any one would be proud to own and wear your creations! Good job everyone.
So many great entries... it was sure hard to choose!
Love the colors of these beautiful bracelets.
So much inspiration. So much creativity.
Love them all!! Beautiful creations!!!
SO many great bracelets. Really hard to choose. Great job on all of them.
The choice was so hard! They are all beautiful. Love the different personalities.
Lovely work!
Shades of it! Awesome work!!!
I am in awe of such talent.
Some amazing designs!
Thank you Marie Young for letting me know about the challenge. All entries are beautiful and so creative. It is very hard to choose just three.
Jackie Sieben is my grandma. These are cool bracelets! Thank you for donating them to the rare diseases project, that's so cool.
This month I based my top three choices on simply the ones that appeal most to my personal style: Deb's Blue Diamond's cuff, Angela's Blanket of Stars bracelet, and Jill's Blue Ikat Disk Bracelet. All of the entries are beautiful pieces and merit special kudos for supporting the 7000 Bracelets of Hope project.
My daughter is Kimberly Idalski and I voted from her link on Facebook.
Great showing for this challenge. Those who receive the bracelets will feel the love.
I think this month was the very hardest ever to choose the top three. Everyone outdid themselves for this charity.

Great showing again this month ladies!!
Great theme color!
Each and every entry is amazing!
Great creations ladies. Enjoyed hearing about it on my cousin Kimmy’s blog. Good luck everyone.
My wife is in the challenge and I watched her stay up many nights enjoying herself making these. I'm so happy she found what makes her happy. She is a birthday girl today. Kim Idalski is my wife.
Voting for my mom and her friends. I love blue it’s my favorite color. My mom is Kimberly Idalski.
Great work everyone. I'm so excited to be in the challenge and to donate 4 bracelets.
This month was definitely difficult to pick a winner! All the pieces were gorgeous!
Such great work again this month. And, what a wonderful charity.

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  1. Congrats everyone. I love everyones creations. I had so much fun creating fir the challenge and the charity. They already received my bracelets and asked me to create custom bracelets for a gala event. Are any of you doing that? ??? A huge thank you to my pcagoe teammates for voting for me. I was excited to get 3rd place. I cant wait to see what the new challenge is. Thanks to the public for voting for me. First place. Wow I'm honored. Hugs to all. I did a fun new thank you blog for everyone.