Tuesday, July 9, 2013

July Challenge Winners

And the winners of the July Challenge are:

Public Vote

1st place 
Lavender Hope by Lisa of HiGirls

3rd place
Bottle of Hope-Lyette-1 by Line of PlaySculptLive 

Members Vote
1st place TIE: 
Blue Bird of Hope by Marie of YoungCreative

Bottle of Hope-Lyette-1 by Line of PlaySculptLive 

3rd place

Drawing Winners:

Trish Hummer, Zan Caperton, Sandy Stout

They get to pick a prize from one of our lovely participating shop owners.
Congratulations to all the winners, and thank you to everyone who voted and supports our challenges each month.

A sampling of comments left by voters:
--The idea for the little prayer tokens is a very good one.
--Some really high-quality entries! You go, ladies!
--Beautiful bottles!! They are all winners!!!
--I really liked Beth's concept of the bottle being full of Hope.
--Beautiful work on all the pieces. Hard to pick just 3.
--So beautiful, it was hard to choose!
--wow... so much talent, beautiful... each month it gets harder and harder to just pick 3....
--Those tiny flowers in that beautiful lavender colors inspire me and give me the feeling of hope....
--Beautiful art pieces.
--These BOH's are amazingly beautiful! It was very, very hard to choose just three and then to put them in order.  Thank you all for the wonderful, inspiring eye candy.
--I love that you are supporting a very worthy organization.
--Very difficult challenge, as all of them are so beautiful!
--Love the concepts for these bottles--difficult choice, but I feel my 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choices really reflect the theme. And they just rock!
--Again really great entries!
--Anyone would feel so special to be given such beautiful works of art.
--beautiful work, Kudos to all.
--Loved # 8 by PlaySculptLive.
--Tough vote this month - they were all so beautiful and original. very inspiring!
--What a wonderful idea! I thought it was interesting to try to convey the idea of 'hope' in a bottle...the question of what hope looks like. That would be very individual..for one is was a praying figure, for another ocean waves...I found it hard to choose.
--Nice job ladies
--Hard to choose a favorite, all bottles so well done and filled with love
--Nice Work everyone!
--cool theme!
--I love the bottles of hope, and all of them are beautiful. It was hard to choose.
--Heard it was voting time from Jackie S. Love all the bottles! I had a hard time choosing too.
--Really tough choice this month... great treasures crafted by all entrants!
--Love the bottles!
--Very nice selection and certainly will give inspiration and hope!
--Really hard to pick just 3 'winners'.
--This was a tough decision. Everyone is so talented!
--Excellent, diverse work!
--Great designs. It’s an amazing charity I make bottles every year. Happy claying everyone.

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