Monday, May 26, 2014

Featured Artist Mary Hargrave

Introducing Mary Hargrave of MaryClaires 
PCAGOE featured artist for May 28 through June 8
 (View her work featured on our Facebook page throughout this time period.) 

Mary is a jewelry artist who works primarily in polymer. A member of the Northern California Artists, she sells her work in the gift shop of the Sacramento Fine Arts Center. She recently won the SFAC Animal House Show humor award for a polymer piece inspired by Friesen entitled "Elephant in the Living Room". Mary is also a member of the International Polymer Clay Association.
About her artistic journey, Mary says:

"My love of color traces back to kindergarten where, standing in line to wash my hands, I smeared the purple tempra paint remaining on my hands to cover both arms up to the elbow making lovely matching gloves. Favorite crayons included fuchsia and turquoise. I was an acrylic painter of cars (not like Earl Schieb but think rather of portraits of headlights) until 18 months ago when I found Cristi Friesen's book on polymer and steampunk. I started at it and have not stopped. This medium has such endless possibilities, joy and color that it almost self-propelling. I find that I have to work at it daily or my hands twitch.

Jewelry has always been a fun source of inspiration for me and art-sy jewelry, in particular, makes a strong statement of individuality like small sculptures that you can wear. I value creativity, design, color and a sense of humor. I also am a compulsive shopper at Goodwill, Oakland Museum White Elephant Sale, Hospital Guild shops and other such places where I find old jewelry to re-use in new compositions. I take great delight in tearing these "found" pieces apart, never knowing where they might fit into designs of my polymer jewelry. My adventure with polymer has many teachers and mentors who provide inspiration and technical advice on a daily basis, but I find myself in my shop alone with that inspiration trying to do it justice while not copying. Translating that spirit and technique into jewelry for the shop is a never-ending story. If I miss day in the studio, I am a little down and feel I have missed the creative journey for that day. I hope my visitors will also enjoy my constant striving to create more interesting and colorful work."

Mary's primary interests are making art and colorful objects that serve as wearable art and her shop contains many different kinds of unique creations. Find Mary at these online locations:

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