Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Featured Artist Becky Sue Mizell

Meet Becky Sue Mizell
PCAGOE feature artist for the weeks of July 7th through July 20th. 
(View her work featured on our Facebook page throughout this time period.)  

Becky Sue has been working with polymer clay for over 20 years. She loves playing with color and creating whimsical items. One of Becky Sue's specialties is buttons… she has made buttons for a seamstress who has done work for celebrities. Steven Tyler (of Aerosmith), actress Virginia Hankins, and novelist George R. R. Martin, are a few celebs who possess Becky Sue's work. Regarding her creative journey, here are Becky Sue's own words: "Being the eighth of twelve children and growing up in a small town, I learned to be inventive. I made Christmas gifts for my family, which were always unique. Over the years, I created with paper craft, stained glass, rubber-stamping, book making and sewing. I would dive whole- hog into each until I got burnt out and needed to try something else. Years later, as an adult, I found I was still doing different types of art for my family, changing to a new medium every two to three years. One day, I decided I was going to try to make something for myself. I was familiar with polymer clay but had not used it much. I began by making a barrette for myself. I made one and then another; I just couldn't stop. Learning to use the clay has been a journey of pure fun. It has been the first medium that I have not gotten tired of using nor found the limits to its usage."

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