Sunday, September 14, 2014

Featured Artist Sage Bray

Meet Sage Bray
She's been the featured artist on our PCAGOE Facebook page for the past two weeks.  
Please go check out her work!

For the weeks of September 1st through September 14th, we had a special PCAGOE artist feature: Sage Bray, polymer artist at The Sage Arts and Publisher/Editor of The Polymer Arts magazine!
Whether wielding the pen or manipulating polymer to shape her ideas, Sage has been blessed with creativity and vision. Sage balances her two passions of art and writing and merges the two in The Polymer Arts magazine. The magazine publication continues to be a great source of inspiration and information for the polymer community, not only through the quarterly periodical, but also through The Daily Polymer Arts Blog.

Sage says this about her passion for polymer and the balancing act of publishing a magazine: "I had never been as obsessed with an art material as I was, and still am, with polymer clay. Four months after picking it up, I entered my first art show and sold out the handful of pieces I brought. Two months later I was juried into the country's biggest genre art show, DragonCon, selling all but one piece at that show. I then gave up my job, transformed my attached garage into a studio, and took on a life as a full time artist and freelance writer. That was almost 7 years ago and I'm happy to say, I'm still at it.

I now combine my love of this art form and my writing in the polymer centric magazine, The Polymer Arts and The Daily Polymer Arts Blog and will continue to do so in upcoming polymer and craft related books. I am also committed to returning to the studio this year to get back to creating my own pieces rather than simply developing techniques which has usually been in support of articles for the magazine these past couple years I am returning to teaching with my first hands-on class in two years at the new Great Create in Denver, CO on the 11th and 13th of this month. Yes, I stay busy (maybe a bit too much!) but I love the life I have and hope I can do this until I take my last breath."
The Polymer Arts magazine celebrated its 3rd anniversary this August! PCAGOE brings you this feature as a celebration of the magazine and the woman who continues to inspire us.

Find more about Sage and The Polymer Arts magazine at these online locations:

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