Monday, January 26, 2015

Featured Artist Brenda Wilson

Meet Brenda Wilson of BeejWilson
PCAGOE featured artist for the weeks of January 26th through February 8th
Please go check out her highlighted works on the PCAGOE Facebook page!

Brenda works in both polymer and upcycled glass arts, and often combines the two art forms resulting in very unique creations. Brenda has this to say about herself: “I grew up in a very talented family. Mom was a porcelain doll artist. My sister became a world renowned artist at an early age. As a single mom, I didn't have much time to develop a creative style. Since retirement, I've played around with several mediums. My passion has become working with polymer clay. I really enjoy recycling ordinarily disposed of items by covering them with clay to give them another purpose.”
Find more of Brenda’s work at these online locations: and and and

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