Monday, April 6, 2015

Featured Artist Beth Petricoin

Meet Beth Petricoin of CreateMyWorld Designs
featured artist for the weeks of April 6th through April 19th

Beth has a BA in art from Penn State University. Following college, she worked in the printmaking industry (for laminates and fabrics) as a pattern designer and director, but left her day job 15 years ago. She lives in Lancaster Pennsylvania with her husband. A self described environmentalist, Beth’s other main interests are maintaining an organic heirloom garden and striving to lessen her impact on the planet. 

Beth has this to say about her creative journey: “The drive to create has been with me since a very young age. Like so many other artists, I had a lot of family members and teachers who fed and encouraged my creativity. Around 1996, a fellow designer and friend asked if I had ever used polymer clay. I told her that I had never considered it because the packages seemed so small, and I figured one either had to work tiny or spend lots of money on the media. A couple days later, she gifted me a generous supply of packages of polymer and convinced me to give it a go. We began, over our lunch hour, creating little brooches together, which usually sold immediately to our co-workers. It wasn’t long till I was hooked. The endless amount of possibilities and experimenting always call me back to try something new with this media… Like many polymer artists I began with jewelry, but the PCAGOE challenges have moved me into a completely different realm, which I so enjoy. The engineering of each new piece is the most exciting part of the process for me. I’m so glad to be a part of this wonderful community!

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