Thursday, September 1, 2011

September Challenge: Pink

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 The theme for the September PCAGOE Challenge is Pink. Yes, we are a little early for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, but when we heard that one of our own was diagnosed with breast cancer, we wanted to show our support.

And the entries are:
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1 - Sweet and Stripes by Els of Beadelz
"Because I am leaving for three weeks vacation I didn't have time to make a special creation for the "pink challenge". But I didn't want to skip this month's challenge because the theme is so special. So I decided to send in this earlier made pendant which is for almost 50% pink!"

2 - Pink Rose Earrings by Jill of JKay Jewelry
" I wanted to make something pink and pretty, and happy or uplifting. These are tiny - the flower drops are barely 1/2 inch."

3 - Pink Ribbons Lace Box & Pendant by Cindy of Arrowdale Art Studio
"This is my entry into the September challenge of the PCAGOE, "Pink," in honor of our own Guild member, Kelly and all those who are fighting or have fought breast cancer. I made the box from a cardboard frame and baked it around the frame, tearing the frame out after curing. I pleated ribbons of clay to make the gathers around the bottom, and for the lid, I embossed it with a texture sheet of Chantilly lace, then after curing I painted it with antiquing, then removed all of the surface treatment, leaving only the white in the crevices. The pendant is a simple ribbon of clay, with a gold filled bail. The back (not shown) is also textured and antiqued to match the lid of the box."

4 -For Kelly by Linda of NKDesigns
"This is for my friend Kelly. I wanted to bead the necklace part, but I just ran out of time. I will do it and send it to her as a gift. Love you Kelly."

5 - Pink Bird of Hope by Phoebe of Happy Creations
"I chose to make this pink bird holding the pink breast cancer ribbon to give hope to all of those wonderful women who are battling or have battled a fight with breast cancer. This bird is hand sculpted with a blend of polymer clay. It has slight pearliness to it. I coated the little pink ribbon with some fine pink glitter for sparkle. The bird hangs from a bright pink satin ribbon."

6 - Pink and Brass Napkin Rings by Lisa of HiGirls
"These brass napkin rings have been covered in a pink mother-of-pearl polymer clay treatment.
My entry for PCAGOE's PINK challenge in honor of Kelly."

7 - Spiral Earrings by Berit of ClayCenter
"A pair of earrings made with my own swirly lentil beads. My entry into the "pink" challenge in honor of Kelly."

8 - Rolled Beads with Pink Cabochon Choker by Susan of 11BoldStreet
"This entry for the PCAGOE September Challenge incorporates shades of pink and rose. Rolled polymer beads are echoed by the rolled silver metal clay bead, which serves as a bail."

9 - Flying Pig by Becky of BeckySueCreations
"His wings are so small he will have a hard time getting off the ground."

10 - Spring Renewal Pendant by Jan of Jan Geisen
"This is my entry for the Pink monthly PCAGOE challenge. It is a polymer clay collage containing elements with subtle impressions of leaves and plant stems, plus mokume gane leaves."

11 - Art Nouveau Fan Brooch by Marie of YoungCreative
"Mokume Gane made from thin layers of pink, hot pink, and silver in honor of Kelly. The top stamped silver layer was sliced away to reveal the pattern beneath."

12 - Pink Rose Necklace by Lorraine of wiredorchid
"This is my entry for the PCAGOE August Challenge: Pink, in honor of one of our best, Kelly, who is battling breast cancer. It's created from polymer clay using the mokume gane technique. I thought long and hard about this challenge. I wanted to create a hopeful piece. I chose a rose, to show Kelly and all women who battle this disease that after this life challenge, they will bloom again.
"...just remember in the winter far beneath the bitter snows
lies the seed that with the sun's love in the spring becomes the rose.''
~ from ''The Rose'' by Bette Midler

13 - Laughter Breast Cancer Mosaic by Arlene of Ashpaints
"I've often heard that laughter is the best medicine! Since this month's PINK challenge is in honor of one of our members currently undergoing treatment, the combination of the breast cancer ribbon and the "Never regret anything that makes you laugh" phrase is right on target. The original breast cancer ribbon was hand-sculpted and cured, then a mold was made out of flexible clay. Each of the mosaic tiles were created using clay, acrylic paint and a gold wax enhancer. The black and white seed beads add an extra touch of dimension and interest. All are mounted on a wooden self-easel."

14 - Mother, Daughter and the Spirit of Renewal by Line of playsculptlive
"This amulet is made to honor all women in our constant struggle for life. It was made especially for a member of the pcagoe who is battling with breast cancer right now. All the best Kelley."

15 - Pink Heart Necklace for Kelly by Jackie of The Pleasant Pheasant
"This is my entry for the PCAGOE September Challenge: Pink, in honor of our friend Kelly who is battling breast cancer. It's created from polymer clay using the Imprint Mokume Gane technique."

16 - Pods in Pink by Melanie of Treasured Toad
"Hollow, layered polymer clay "pod" beads with sterling silver accents, spacers and chain. My entry for the PCAGOE September 2011 "Pink" challenge." 

17 - Touch of Folk Art Tin by Deb of RenGalSA
"Here is wishing Kelly all the peace, love, and happiness that life brings! ROCK ON!"
Several of the entries are available for sale in our members' store. Please visit the individual shops to see these and other wonderful listings.

What you could win:
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