Thursday, September 8, 2011

September Challenge Winners

And the winners of the September "Pink" challenge are:

Winners voted on by the public:

1st Place: 

13 - Laughter Breast Cancer Mosaic by Arlene of Ashpaints

2nd Place: two-way tie  

1 - Sweet and Stripes by Els of Beadelz

4 -For Kelly by Linda of NKDesigns
3rd Place:
11 - Art Nouveau Fan Brooch by Marie of YoungCreative

Winners voted on by PCAGOE members:

1st Place:
10 - Spring Renewal Pendant by Jan of Jan Geisen 

2nd Place:

#13 - Laughter Breast Cancer Mosaic by Arlene of Ashpaints

3rd Place:
6 - Pink and Brass Napkin Rings by Lisa of HiGirls

The voters who won prizes this month:
Debbie Crothers
Theresa Noll
Nancy Welch

Winning voters have one week after being contacted to furnish us with your mailing address. If you do not respond within 1 week, your prize will be forfeited and returned to the prize pool.

Congratulations to all the winners, and thank you to everyone who voted and supports our challenges each month.

223 votes were cast this month.

Comments left by the voters:
* Kelly's comment:
You cannot imagine how honored and humbled I am to see and read all the entries. Yesterday I was very emotional so I was sobbing while reading everyone's kind words. I came back on a stronger day to vote because then I could barely see thru my tears. I cannot thank everyone enough for doing this and giving me the strength to get through this.

I find pink a difficult color to work with (but that's just me!). These creations, however, are beautiful. I especially like the sentiment expressed in entry #13! beautiful work, everyone!

It's amazing how talented these artists are. I love looking and studying each piece.

It was hard to make a selection -- EVERYTHING is fantastic and beautiful tribute to Kelly.

My thought and prayers are with Kelly for a full recovery.

These are all so beautiful! I am always amazed by what is done with polymer clay. Thanks to ClayCenter for introducing me to it!

It was very hard to choose just three of the entries- I think they ALL reflect the diversity in thought and skill among the PCAGOE artists. I somehow felt drawn to the roses, though- possibly because of the quotes in the song noted by entry #12... they just seemed appropriate- uplifting and pretty. But I enjoyed looking at each and every entry.

It is wonderful that you are supporting breast cancer awareness along with one of your own.

The Pink Bird of Hope is so sweet - it's such a simple uplifting symbol.

Marie's post brought me here. Beautiful work all around. If only I had half the talent...

Love the site and the spirit of all involved!

Entry #7 inspires me to try, try again. Spiral earrings were my very first polymer clay project and the results were lifeless, no where near the swirling motion that the design intends and lacking a color choice to kindle the emotions. Briet's entry, however, captures both motion and emotion in lovely style. I will now try Briet's approach of using lentil beads, which I must first learn to make, and eventually (with fingers crossed)will take another try at spiral earrings as beautiful as Briet's entry. Thank you, Briet, you've given me hope!

Best of luck to each of the contestants - I wish I could have voted for all.

My best wishes for Kelly and her hopefully speedy recovery.

Beautiful entries this month for a beautiful cause

I chose the "Pink Flowers Pendant" as my first choice because I'm still in awe of anyone who can make a flat clay piece look like a real 3-dimensional rose.

I work with breast cancer survivors, and laughter is such an important part of recovery. All of the entries were thoughtful and quite appropriate. You all did a wonderful job.

My first place which is 13 i chose because i love including phrases and uplifting messages into my clay projects and this one really stood out to me...I feel the care and love put into this...

For our Kelly - a wonderful acknowledgement to all the beautiful women with breast cancer who have beat it and are fighting it so hard.

All the best for Kellie! It was very hard to vote. Everyone gave the max.

Every month it is a treat for the eyes. Everyone is so talented!

The vote was hard to do as each piece is a masterpiece in its self.
The 3 pieces I chose are all a bit different to the usual, and the Art Nouveau Fan was beautiful , and unusual, my fav of all was the sweet Pink Roses ear rings as these were well done seeing how small they are, and they reminded me of articles I might make. I love mosaics, and love to see mosaics made in Poly clay.
The challenge is good that it brings out the best in clayers work, and keeps it to the fore, maybe one day I might enter!

I love unusual necklaces which I can always wear with simple earrings.

Kelly Feeney is my cousin. Thank you so much for supporting her during this difficult time!

You all do a fantastic job. Keep up the wonderful work!!!!!

Beautiful work by all.

Kelly is my friend and I wanted to express my appreciation for all the support and love she is receiving from her fellow PCAGOE members...She is such a wonderful lady and an inspiration to all who know her.

#16 I love the colors and the texture.
#10 I love earth colors and her.
#5 the Pink Bird of hope it beautiful and get a lot of hope to any one need hope.

They are all pretty. Great job!

I enjoy taking part in the challenges; gives me a sense of belonging. As someone who works with polymer clay, I enjoy the camaraderie. The mother, daughter and the spirit of renewal is my first choice......It is a piece of interest as well as emotionally stimulating. My mother had breast cancer, several friends. I know the strength and connection it brings out in all of us. Keep on going PCAGOE. You are an impressive group.

What a wealth of talent I see here. And what a great forum. Thanks for being here.

Spring Renewal is so sophisticated - lovely. Such a feminine flying pig. Sweet and stripes is dramatic.

Kelly I wish you all the best for a complete and speedy recovery.

The beauty created by the Polymer Clay artists of PCAGOE is inspirational. The exquisite little pink Bird of Hope is at once precious and uplifting. The beauty of the delicate and mesmerizing Rose is like a balm to the spirit. And the whimsy of the mosaic is encouraging and empowering. This was a hard choice to make because of the lovely offerings and the enduring message each represents.

They are all beautiful and it is hard to pick favorites.

Such wonderful entries this month. I'm honored to be a part of this challenge.

All awesome work!

I picked #13 as someone to receive 1st place because it is so colorful and well made. & I love the saying on it!!

my choice #16 continually draws my eye to it. I continually look for something that's just out of the ordinary, that special bit of appeal - probably because that's the way my brain works. Love the colour and sheer "freedom" of the piece. My second choice - the swirled earrings. Swirlies fascinate me - I love the colours and balance in these. As for the 3rd choice - rose earrings - I've got a "thing" going with roses at the moment and almost always pink, so it definitely drew my eye. Different, fresh, pretty. Love them! You sure don't make it easy to choose.

Every month I vote and it is never easy.
I voted for the mother/daughter spirit of renewal amulet because I love how i
represents women of all ages and that
mother/daughter connection. I love the artistry in this, it is unique and lovely. I do love them all though for
different reasons.

I liked that the artist put a lot of work and thought into it being for breast cancer. My second choice was because I would pick the napkins rings as my favorite for myself.

each month the entries get better.

Such talent!! Hard to vote! Thank you for letting me be a part of this! Awesome work ladies!

The Murrini inside the Pendant and the Pig made the designs special. All of them were lovely.

Very hard decision- they are all of superb quality- aesthetically and craftsmanship.

I like the part about laughter on the collage, the Pod Necklace is very unique
and one I would love to wear and the bird
makes a statement to me!

Kelly is a good friend of mine and I think it is fantastic that you are doing this challenge in support of her! You are all obviously very talented, as well as good, kind-hearted friends!

All three that I chose were exceptional. Each of the 17 pieces were special in their own way, but I am partial to faces, and I thought this was an excellent interpretation.

These are all beautiful pieces. Lots of talent!

here were so many beautiful ones in pink that I had a hard time to narrow them. I loved them all and what a wonderful honor all of you have done for Kelly. She must be beaming with all the love.

Jackie's stuff rocks! :)

I think #13 really stands out for breast cancer. The words touched me because I have a friend that is a cancer survivor. But I do love #15 & #4 as well. They really out did their self on making these. They are just beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

I love all of the entries, beautiful! Wonderful that this challenge is for such an important cause.

I liked the blend of color in these 3 the most.

Lovely pieces to honor one of our own.Congratulations everyone for entering

Gorgeous entries! Very, very hard choice!

All are stunning!

A lot of wonderful pieces. It was hard to vote only for three.
Greetings from Vienna!

What a great way to honor Kelly.

All of them are wonderful... such a talented, creative group of people!!

Well done! this has been an inspired challenge. the creations are truly a reflection of how strong women can be when they look out for each other. thank you for letting me be part of it.

Interesting items. But why didn't anyone make a flamingo?

Beautiful work and for such a great cause!

As always, such a wide range of work. I'm very proud of the high level of participation in this especially significant challenge.

I heard about the challenge from PCETeam. All of the entries are outstanding!

My thoughts are with Kelly and you all. Some absolutely beautiful pieces created for this challenge - it was very hard to choose a winner. Take care everyone - miss you all. Love Deb

What a beautiful way to show you care!

Lovely work and a wonderful tribute. Kelly is so lucky to have so many dear friends pulling for her. She's in my thoughts and prayers.

It was hard to pick this month, all the entries are beautiful. Jackie's heart necklace was made with love and it shows!

P.S. beautiful work, every single one of you. It was VERY difficult picking just three!
I am not a member because I can't figure out how to run Etsy. Oh, well.

beautiful pieces...beautiful sentiment to create for a friend. Wishes for a speedy recovery and remission of the cancer.

Great stuff in a good cause!

This was such a special challenge and the members of PCAGOE definitely rose to this challenge. It was so difficult to choose, I was tempted to just get three at random!

I think your theme for this month was very sweet.

All the entries are beautiful -- very hard to choose! but I was especially drawn to #10 because of the natural theme interpreted in such an angular design.

Great work everyone! Glad to see so many participate for this challenge, I wish I would have had the time.... Hugs to Kelly!


  1. FANTASTIC blog post, congratulations to the winners and to all the entrants. I think I speak for everyone at PCAGOE when I say that we could not be more pleased with the wonderful comments from so many of our friends and associates. Your love and care shines through, thank you all for being who you are and supporting our group's efforts.

  2. Everyone's wonderful comments of love and support are making me cry so much. I have always wondered if I have ever made a difference with my life in this world. I have never written a song, or published a novel, or received a medal of honor. But with all I have not done, I know I have received love and support from the best friends and family I could ask for. Now I know I have made a difference. Thank you so very much.
    Kelly Feeney