Wednesday, November 9, 2011

November Challenge Winners

And the winners of the November "Caning" challenge are:

Winners voted on by PCAGOE members:

1st Place: 

November Kaleidoscope Challenge Cane by Jackie of The Pleasant Pheasant

2nd Place: 

Cha Cha Style Charm Bracelet  by Angela of Polymer Clay Creation

3rd Place:

Kaleidoscope cane by Marcia of marcymPC

Winners voted on by the public:

1st Place: 

November Kaleidoscope Challenge Cane by Jackie of The Pleasant Pheasant

2nd Place: 

Cha Cha Style Charm Bracelet  by Angela of Polymer Clay Creation

3rd Place:

Last Rose of Summer Compact Mirror by Linda of NKDesigns

The voters who won prizes this month:
Jan Manning
Dalit Levy
Barbara Stone

Winning voters have one week after being contacted to furnish us with your mailing address. If you do not respond within 1 week, your prize will be forfeited and returned to the prize pool.

Congratulations to all the winners, and thank you to everyone who voted and supports our challenges each month.

158 votes were cast this month.

Comments left by the voters:
The wonderful thing about polymer clay (or one of them!) is the endless possibilities - caning only multiplies that "endless" quality. What a great variety and example of that variety!

Incredible work and variety!

the choices were amazing! We have such talented artists in this guild.

Caning is an artform in and of itself. These are definitely great examples of some beautiful canework.

Very, very hard group to choose from this month!

Such diversity and vibrant colors. I applaud you all.

Great challenge! Good job to all.

Love the variety of entries this month.

Awesome all you talented ladies! Thank you so much for letting me take a peek and vote. It was very hard this time. Good luck!!Theresa

what fun to see all the different takes each month :) after my mom gets better I'd like to try my hand at a challenge

Beautiful work all! Keep clayin!

Tough choices! Such talented artists!

Great job by all the participants. We need to start this idea someday in our guild - North Texas Polymer Clay Guild.

I love these beautiful items! this is a great idea for a challenge:)

They are all wonderful and made it hard to choose, they are all winners.......Kathy P

What a variety of canes and uses for the canes. Great job everyone!

glad you're here!

So many creative entries this month!

Loved the vivid colors and creative thought process. Great job by all!

Wonderful variety.

There are some beautiful pieces here. I wish I could have seen #5 from above, and it would have helped if each piece had gotten individually enlarged much more than was provided for, as some of the cane work was too fine to appreciate "at a distance," like #s 3 and 7, and even #10, although I did vote for the latter because of its beautiful colors.
The color choices and symmetry in the frog, the precision caning in #13, and the novel idea of #16, which is also lovely, appealed to me too, but alas, we can only vote for three!

I can see a ton of work was put into all these entries - and it shows!

Such creativity! I love to see each and every one of the selections. A lot of time and effort and commitment is seen here. Thank you for sharing.

this one was really hard. I looked at all of them and then had to walk away and come back and pick one. They are all so very good and I can see all the hard work, love, devotion and skill that went in to each one. Good luck to all of you.

Lovely entries. Thanks for sharing with us your creative work

I love to see the beautiful pieces made by your members!

This challenge was a hard one to make 1st, 2nd and 3rd place choices with. I also liked the Mustard girl for her simplicity of design, the buttons beautiful and practical, the bull frog because it was so different from the others, the other compact for it's pattern, the pen and holder too. I thought all of the works were very beautiful this month :)

Love those salt and pepper shakers. Good job everyone.

I love the colors on 10 and want one of the #11 pendants!

I still need to pay my dues but I want to join. I just love seeing where everyone goes with their work. Polymer clay is such a happy medium and you can see that from this challenge.

Its always such a pleasure to see what your artists have created.

Great theme, very intriguing. The more complex, the better. Great job, as always.

Always enjoy the beautiful art work. Sure is hard to pick when all of them are great.

great creations this month. It was harder to choose only 3.

I love seeing cane work as I don't do it. The colors in 13 and 14 were beautiful. The triangle was very artsy and interesting. Good job !!

#1 was very crisp with nice shading #2 was beautiful for all the colors and canes #3 a cool use canes for a picture, very different

Tough choices this month... I absolutely LOVE Angela's cha-cha bracelet, which is why I chose it as #1. I also loved Susan's bowl and Jill's compact mirror, my other picks for the top 3. But as I said, it was REALLY tough choosing, so many great pieces, I think I changed my mind 10 times over! Great Job Everyone!!

Love the resin finish on 14, a lovely piece.

I love clay, but can not imagine so intrigate and complex work could be done.In Brazil we have very few classes and books about. Congratulations to all! hugs

Awesome work! They way ya'll make canes is magic!

I loved them all but the cane bracelet makes me want to start making one immediately!

I really enjoy looking at the entries

Enjoy seeing all that is out there!

Excellent cane work... great to see you all showcasing your talent! :)

All the designs are amazing! It was difficult to narrow my choices down to only 3, but (somehow!) I managed to do it!!! :)

I love your challenges, they always inspire me!

I hope marcympc posts photos of her multi cane kaleidoscope finished projects. This is a great use of leftover millefiori canes.

Beautiful collection of pieces by both experienced and beginner caners.

first time here. I found you from the pacific northwest guild's webpage

I loved the different cane applications--What a great variety of ideas of how to use canes!

Really enjoy oohing and aahing over your monthly entries....then sighing as I say, "one of these days I might..maybe as good"????
Seriously, all the entries always inspire me tremendously !! :D

These canes are all so beautiful. I am a big fan of the complex canes and the ones with the very nice matching color combinatons. So that is how I made my choice but it wasn't easy!

I love looking at all the fabulous creative things in your contests!

The pink cane valet - spectacular craftsmanship. Just beautiful!

found you folks on Polymer clay daily!

The choices were hard to make all of the designs were awasome ! Good Luck to All !!

I envy the skill of these wonderful caners! Great work ladies!

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