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November PCAGOE Challenge: Caning

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The November PCAGOE challenge showcases our members' caning skills. A cane is a log or cylinder of clay that has a design running through it, so each slice of the cane contains the design. Here you will find some great items made with canes as well as the raw canes themselves. Public voting is open until Nov. 7. Vote for your favorites at the bottom of the post and you could win a prize!

And the entries are:
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1 - Abstraction Bangle by Lisa of HiGirls
"The cane I started out making was nothing like this! This one just kept growing into the abstract pattern you see here."

"This picture is made entirely of canes I had on hand. Nothing is "plain" clay. Even the trunk of the tree is from a slab of faux wood cane. I had to reduce some canes - like the flag and the fish, to make them work, and the sun is actually a slice of a flower petal cane. The driveway and sidewalk are more faux wood - it was a so-so attempt at faux ebony. 

3 - Children of the World Kubotan Keychain by Deb of RenGalSA 
"This is my entry in the PCAGOE November Challenge - CANING! OMG I had too many choices and still can't decide which picture to use. =)"

4 - McCaw Cane Compact Mirror by Jill of JKay Jewelry 
" I've had the stamina to make the McCaw Cane one time. I made a lot of it and I use sparingly until I have the time to do it again. I used thin slices of the cane to make the veneer on this compact mirror. The configuration of the cane that I used for the veneer is shown. It was hard to choose which configuration to use - they are all good."

5 - Purples and Pinks Cane Valet 119 by Susan of 11BoldStreet 
"My entry for the November PCAGOE Challenge is this all-polymer valet/bowl, featuring inlays of four separate abstract canes in shades of primarily pinks and purples. The bowl base is translucent polymer stained with alcohol inks and the feet are polished spheres of cane scraps and translucent."

6 - Cha Cha Style Charm Bracelet  by Angela of Polymer Clay Creation
 "This is my entry into the PCAGOE monthly challenge. The theme for the month is "Canes". To make this cha cha style charm bracelet I used 7 different borderless canes that I had made. I used the colors of fall, one of my favorite times of the year when all the leaves are changing."

7 - Fall Color Burst Salt and Pepper Shakers by Berit of Clay Images 
"This is my entry into the PCAGOE monthly challenge "canes": Covered Salt and Pepper Shakers. I made this kaleidoscope cane in a workshop with Julie Eakes, and this is one of many possible patterns. The lighter and darker shades of brown at the bottom distinguish the content."

8 - Mokume Gane Buttons by Becky of Becky Sue Creations 
"This is a mokume gane cane that I made using navy blue, green and ecru."

9 - Caned Bullfrog by Lyndell of Classons Creations
" This bullfrog is bursting with colour as he relaxes and finds himself while performing the yoga pose "The Lion." He is handscupted out of Premo and incorporates a zipper cane and simple shapeshifting cane."

10 - Kaleidoscope cane by Marcia of marcymPC 
"consists of maybe 25 to 35 canes put together in a triangle, intended to be sliced and 3 or more slices put together to create kaleidoscope images."

11 - Little Lady Pendant in Mustard by Amanda of Polyclarific 
"This little lady pendant was created using caning. Her dress is also made up of several small canes."

12 - Snowflake Ball Ornament by Marie of YoungCreative 
"This is my first attempt at caning. I used a free snowflake tutorial created by a former PCAGOE member, although I added my own touch by combining silver along with blue to give the snowflake a little sparkle. I made a couple versions for variety in the flakes."

13 - November Kaleidoscope Challenge Cane by Jackie of The Pleasant Pheasant
 "This is my entry for the PCAGOE November Challenge: I like the green and purple "spiderweb" look in the center of this cane, as well as the vivid black and white elements."

14 -Last Rose of Summer Compact Mirror by Linda of NKDesigns 
"This is a double mirror compact finished with resin. The base is metallic violet clay with turquoise and violet roses. There are also semi-transparent flowers over the pocket mirror."

15 - Three Canes by Line of Play Sculpt Live 
"This is my entry for this month's challenge. I find caning a real challenge but am pleased with these. The center one of the lizard is my favorite. He was my first one, of a form of sorts, that turned out well."

16 - Teal Note Pad Holder by Arlene of Ashpaints 
"This note pad holder is sized to fit a standard 3 inch square Post-It pad. The header has an indention designed to hold the matching pen. There are three canes used in this design, the purple passion flower, the leaf and a ghost spiral."

Several of the entries are available for sale in our members' store. Please visit the individual shops to see these and other wonderful items.

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