Thursday, December 8, 2011

December Challenge Winners

And the winners of the December challenge are:

Winners voted on by PCAGOE members:

1st Place: 

Artist Trading Card - No. 101b by Susan of 11BOLDStreet

2nd Place: 

ATC Blue Floral Applique by Jill of jkollmann

3rd Place:

All the Colors of the Rainbow by Angela of Polymer Clay Creations

Winners voted on by the public:

1st Place: 

ATC Blue Floral Applique by Jill of jkollmann

2nd Place: 

All the Colors of the Rainbow by Angela of Polymer Clay Creations

3rd Place:

Artist Trading Card - No. 101b by Susan of 11BOLDStreet

The voters who won prizes this month:
Judy Massey
Jeanne Dodd
Sue Bowen
Winning voters have one week after being contacted to furnish us with your mailing address. If you do not respond within 1 week, your prize will be forfeited and returned to the prize pool.

Congratulations to all the winners, and thank you to everyone who voted and supports our challenges each month.

158 votes were cast this month.

Comments left by the voters:
Beautiful work, ladies!

Love the work....

I am not a clay artist so I was absolutely amazed by the things you ladies have created. Clay isn't just for kids anymore!

They were all well done - it was hard to choose favorites.

Nice variety.

I always enjoy seeing what people create and how they follow the theme. Everyone is very artistic.

We really need BIGGER photos to be able to judge these challenges. I would love to be able to see the detail that is mentioned in the first photo for example - but because I can't see it - I'm not able to judge on that basis. The angel one is the most striking when you can only see a small photo. Cheers :)

beautiful work....I just need a little more experience to join in the fun

All of the entries this month are beautiful! Had a hard time selecting only 3.

Beautiful work as always!

Lovely work by everyone. It was very hard to choose,

belong to NTPCG and heard about it there. all of them are great and beautiful....

Fun to see the designs but I find trading cards to be of no interest to me. I think more creative or usable items would be more fun.

All the entries are amazing in their colors and details! I just love seeing what each artist creates each month! :)

I adore ATC Cards...All of these
are fabulous!

Hard to decide as they are all so good,only sorry there were not more to choose from.

this was a hard one again. It took me awhile to decide they are all so good. Very talented people.

Loved them all , it was hard to choose.

Fantastic entries this month - well done to everyone.

As always you guys make the decision making very hard!! These are all wonderful.

I love the colours and textures in these ATCs.

Beautiful ideas, people. Gifted, most certainly gifted artists.

Beautiful work. Each so different.

Such beautiful work, as always, by the members of pcagoe. Lot's of detailed work and very unique ideas. All the entries are winners!

I love these trading cards!

It was so hard to choose, they were all so lovely and diverse.

t was very hard to judge this all of the entries really displayed their own style which is what a trading card is about - I just went by the design I liked best but they were all wonderful.

I love the entrances every month. I would love to see more!

Everyone did a fabulous job on the was hard to make my choices.

It was very hard to decide, I changed my vote several times lol. I loved them all! Thanks for letting me vote! Awesome work!

Hard to choose only three favorites. The techniques were great and they are all winners this month in my opinion!!

Amazing work here. Choosing three was difficult as always - such beautiful pieces!

Each of these are awesome, difficult to choose!

Hard to choose a favorite! They were all beautiful!

Hard to pick from so many lovely things....

Nice composition Sue!!

It was hard to choose... I like them all!!

Some nice diversity in techniques among these ATCs! Way to go!!

great entries from all. hard to choose!

Difficult to decide this month, nice work from the entrants.

Every month I continue to be amazed at the high quality of art seen here. It is so very hard to choose just three. I love how the same idea is interpreted in so many different ways.

Jill's card is just absolutely exquisite and Berit's is just so cute!

Hard to choose from such varied entries!

Wow, ladies. Great work. I was difficult to choose only three.

I've been so busy I forgot to participate. The entries are amazing. Great job clayers!

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