Thursday, December 1, 2011

December Challenge: Artist Trading Cards

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Many painters, illustrators, mixed media, and polymer artists create small works of art to trade with other artists. These works are known as Artist Trading Cards or ATCs. For our December PCAGOE challenge we decided to swap ATCs. But before we trade them, you get to vote on them. Public voting is open until Dec. 7. Vote for your favorites at the bottom of the post and you could win a prize!

And the entries are:
The voting form is at the bottom of this post. It may take a minute for it to appear. Click on the titles to see a larger image.

1 - Artist Trading Card - No. 101b by Susan of 11BOLDStreet
"This card showcases some of my favorite/signature techniques - faux snakeskin, texture, inlay and the inclusion of metal."

2 - Angelic Dreams ATC by Marie of YoungCreative
"This Artist Trading Card showcases a few of my favorite techniques: an angel created using layers of liquid polymer on paper to create a canvas on a mokume gane background, hand-sculpted polymer wings, and a polymer frame that resembles torn paper."

3 - Rainbows of Bicones ATC by Lisa of HiGirls
"My recent obsession with bicone beads has led me to create this ATC in a rainbow of colors. Just for fun and the PCAGOE December challenge!"

4 - Fish Family Gathering ATC by Berit of Clay Images
"My entry into the December PCAGOE challenge, Artist Trading Cards.
It's family time for Fun Fish Freddy!
This is a combination of my favorite techniques, cane work and mokume gane, 100% polymer."

5 - All the Colors of the Rainbow by Angela of Polymer Clay Creations
"This ATC represents me and what I love, all the colors of the rainbow. I love to work with color. On a dreary day I can get out all my canes and make my own rainbow."

6 - ATC Blue Floral Applique by Jill of jkollmann
"This ATC is my entry for the PCAGOE challenge. It features tiny appliqued floral elements and coiled wire embellishments with beads tucked in amongst  the leaves. The roses are 1/4 to 3/8 inch in diameter. Fun! "

7 - Blue Flower Artist Trading Card by Jackie of The Pleasant Pheasant
"The blue and white cane netted me exactly enough for 6 cute flower petals and no more - perfect for this Artist Trading Card. :)"

8 - ATC Print by Cindy of Arrowdale Art Studio
"My entry into the PCAGOE's Monthly Challenge, ATCs. Based on a complex cane I made after being inspired by another member's cane in last month's Challenge, I made 27 new canes for this one triangular cane - six slices of the cane form a completed section, and the sheet for this ATC used six of those sections.

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What you could win:
Three lucky winners will win one of these great items made by our members.

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