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April Challenge: Layers

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Layers take many forms in polymer work and for our April PCAGOE challenge, we explored lots of layering techniques from mokume gane in which a design is created by manipulated and slicing into the layers, to 3-D designs where the layers are built up from the background, and the sutton slice technique where thin layers of clay are stamped and sliced to reveal the design.

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And the entries are:

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1. Layered Switch Plate by Marcia of marcympc
This pattern was made from scraps of a mokume gane cane created for PCAGOE's February challenge. Those scraps were then layered with thin sheets of black clay to create a Stroppel cane which was sliced and laid out on white clay to create the design you see here.

2. Pear in Layers by Marie of YoungCreative
This plaque is made from 4 layers of clay: green, purple/black, yellow, and white translucent. I stamped the pear onto the translucent layer and colored it with mica powders. I stamped the image again onto green clay and cut out the leaves which I layered over the original stamped image.

3. Playing with Layers by Lisa of HiGirls
Simple layers of clay stacked and cut into large cubes. Pendant was created with a slice of the stacked clay that has been further altered into a fun pattern and stacked on more layers of clay.

4. Ring Bowl by Berit of ClayImages
This little decorative bowl for your rings was created from polymer clay. I used the mokume gane technique and worked with several layers of different colors of clay to achieve this effect. Notice that the outside has a different pattern than the inside.

5. Silver Spot Cuff Bracelet No. 139 By Susan of 11BOLDstreet
This piece illustrates the theme as physical layers, built up for the main support of the bracelet. The revealed layers from slices of mokume gane serve as the decorative sides. The entire piece is hand sanded and highly polished.

6. Layered Faux Dichroic Pendant Necklace N12-01 by Jan of JanGeisen
This pendant is an assemblage of layers of polymer clay scraps. Some of the scraps are gold foil covered with translucent clay, which I think look like dichroic glass. The pendant is strung with multiple strands (layers?) of glass beads that pick up the colors in the pendant.

7. Brown Petroglyphs Serving Set by Norma of NormasClay
This set was made with the Mokume Gane technique in polymer clay. Thin layers of three colors were stacked, stamped and then shaved to reveal the layers underneath. After baking, the pieces have been sanded and polished which enhances the effect of showing the layers.

In life, women are called upon to wear many personeas, many layers. Sometimes unaware of these demands, we sleep through most it. We become another being than the one we were meant to be unless we "find" ourselves. I created this piece using the layers of the sleeping goddess, the monster-dragon she is called upon to become and the "newspapers" announcing that she has been found, to illustrate the struggles we face while trying to be just who we are, ourselves!

This is made with a layering technique called Mokume Gane. The bracelet is strung on elastic for an easy fit and is hand polished to a shine. The colors remind me of the Native America art that I saw in Alaska.

10. Layered Hair Pin by Jill of jkollmann
This is another variation on my pin design shown in The Polymer Arts magazine, Winter 2011.  It features layers of clay and silver leaf for the base, and layers of hand sculpted applique elements and cane slices for the embellishments.

The title is an obvious (at least to me!) take on Australia's famous Ayers Rock, but the house is truly one of many, many layers. Each of my wee buildings would qualify as I begin with a cardboard form I construct from scrap stuff - often cereal boxes, then I cover that with junk clay and bake. When that cools so that I can handle it, I begin adding doors and windows, then bake again. The next layer is the "siding," in this case, "stone." And finally, comes the "landscaping," or any other finishing touches. Layers - I love 'em!

12. Coastal Maine Scene by Phoebe of happycreations4u
I tried to make a little Maine coast scene. The rocks are made with layers of clay. The entire piece is layered from the blue sky and sparkly blue water to the rocks, trees, sun and seagull. First attempt at
something like this. Hope to try more and get better at it! This piece is just a small 3"square hanging by some fishing line.

13. Magic Swirls Mini Salt & Pepper by Deb of RenGalSA
Another fun experiment! Made from two canes that are variations on Donna Kato's Starry Night Cane, I chopped lots of multi-hued colored leftovers into bits and stacked them together next to each other with bits of black for accent. The resulting block of clay I then used to make various other canes - two of which are used in these fun salt and pepper shakers. The block of clay was put through the pasta machine in different orientations for each of these cane and the results layered into the patterns shown. The swirled rainbow cane was then layered on top of the rainbow zig-zag cane for the final result. 

14. Filigree Pendant by Angeli of BeadLadyManila
This is made of layered cane slices and two layers of filigree. The back is muted purple clay.

15. Layers of Black White and Silver by Beth of CreateMyWorld
This piece has a solid black bottom layer with circle shape cut out negative space, then a layer of window screen with some liquid polymer clay drizzled in some areas of the screen, then a layer of black polymer clay with crackled silver leaf and finally a layer of white polymer clay that has been dyed with fabric.

16.  Spring Fling Shawl Pin  by Linda of NKdesigns
My entry features layers of pearl, blue, teal, white and translucent. Spring is in the air and blues and green abound. Added just a touch of purple for the violets all over the garden. This shawl pin will also be great as an accessory for your hair.

This shawl or scarf pin was made first by hand shaping some scrap clay for the base. I then added a layer of more colorful scrap clay for the background. Lastly I added a layer floral cane slices.

18. Spring Fling Necklace by Elizabeth of clarityofpurplesage
This is the focal to a necklace I am working on...Aluminum sheet base, sanded and covered with glittered black polymer clay.then a layer of mokume gane sheets were added. I then stamped a pattern on top and brushed some pearlescent pink ink over the stamping, adding a dimensional shimmer. The focal is finished off with a melange of springlike flower funk. ~thanks for looking!! :)

19. Pink Posy Layered Necklace by Arlene of Ashpaints
The challenge theme is expressed both in the multicolored pattern on the left side of the pendant and by the leaf and flower canes layered on top. The layered technique on the left and on the beads is a "Stroppel cane" developed by Alice Stroppel as a way to use cane end pieces and other bits and pieces. I used ends from both the leaf and flower canes used in this design in the layered stack so it coordinates beautifully.

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