Monday, July 9, 2012

July Challenge Winners

And the winners of the July Challenge are:

Winners Voted on by PCAGOE Members

1st Place
Knit One, Clay Two by Lisa of HiGirls

2nd place
Make Mine Blue Soap Dispenser by Arlene of Ashpaints

3rd place
Klimt Rock 'Roll Art Tin by Deb of RenGalSA
Winners Voted on by Non Members

1st Place
Make Mine Blue Soap Dispenser by Arlene of Ashpaints

2nd Place
Flower Bangle by Becky of BeckySueCreations

3rd Place
Black & White Flowers by Freda of FredaK

Drawing Winners

Congrats to April Carmen, Judith Lee, and Nancy Woodward.
They get to pick a prize from one of our lovely participating shop owners.

Congratulations to all the winners, and thank you to everyone who voted and supports our challenges each month.

150 votes were cast this month.

Comments left by voters:

I love the craftsmanship and attention to detail on Lisa's salt and pepper shakers and on Arlene's soap dispenser.

This is not an easy challenge. The entries are beautiful and shows the diversity of using an extruder.

Another tough month of choosing between such wonderful works! To make it easier on myself, I went with the more unusual applications.

Really need to get myself an extruder. These are lovely!

This was a very hard choice!

once again, it is very difficult to choose amongst all these wonderful and imaginative entries!

#4 - WOW. Took a lot of work but sure looks worth it. What a beautiful pendant!

Carniverous Art by Line is showing a different way of using the extruder.

Beautiful pieces, everyone of them! Good Luck!

All these entries are stunning. It's so hard to choose because I love them all.

I love all of the unique art solutions to the theme of extruded clay. There are just so many possibilities and these talented artists have delighted me once again with their interpretations.

The salt & pepper shaker set is not only adorable but seriously creative! Well done!

As always awesome work all! Love it all!

Once again, I'm forced to make a difficult decision. All of you are so talented.

As always, all the work above is awesome, everyone should be proud of their accomplishments.... i loved them all, but alas had to choose just 3.....

All of my votes are for what I think the extruder is really used for.
#7 Loved the colours and the design
#5 love the colours here to and the extruder doew that no other way
#4 love the black and white extruded flowers and always has people saying
"how did you do that"!

very nice work for all of the entries

Everyone's use of color was wonderful!

I love the soap dispenser and I think it really represented the challenge !! I may have to try covering a piece in the future.

They are all beautiful and so much imagination.

The colors in each project are wonderful.

This seemed like a difficult challenge - what to do with all those ropes of clay?!?! The solutions are all inventive and fun. The three I voted for are items I would buy for myself or as a gift.

No 9 - great use of colour, striking design

Some great work there. And when you're competing against other good work, keep in mind the tiny details may mean the difference between first and 3rd.

All entries were great. I especially liked the uses of color in 7 and 10. I liked the pattern/texture created on 2.

really wide variety in this one--love that!

These are all so amazing. I based my decision on the pieces that really looked like they were made from mostly extruded clay. I am so impressed as always!

I changed my mind about 10 times this month... wish I could pick them all! ;)

I think the soap dispenser shows the most creativity and effort, it is beautiful

Thanks for all that you do...!

Love the colourful bouquet on the bangle by Becky. It reminds me of fields of wildflowers.

I think all the pieces are exquisitely inventive. A joy to the eyes! It was very difficult to select just three.

I enjoy using my extruder so it was interesting to see what others do with theirs. Lots of fun stuff!!

Love the extrusions! I am just learning this technique and it is so much fun. I really had a hard time picking a favorite, they are all beautiful and fun.

Lovely work!

Love all the interpretations on a theme.

All great...wonderful inspiration!

Just love the colors and details!

I've yet to try an extruder. These designs are inspiring.

I loved how each person made such a different design from one idea. Such talent.

I especially enjoy seeing how these clever artists develop new techniques for these challenges - fantastic creativity!

All entries are awesome! It was hard to pick the top 3!

I clay with Arlene Harrison.
Good luck Arlene.

These are so creative I love the different ideas - Awesome!!!!

Thanks for the reminder, Jackie S.

I admire the vitality of the Etsy polyclay group.

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