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July Challenge: Extruded Art

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About the Challenge: 
Polymer clay extruders work much like a cookie press, using metal disks to shape clay forced through the tube. Our artist-members tested their skills this month to see what they could create with extruded clay. The only rules were that the project had to incorporate extruded clay and be at least 50% polymer clay.

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And the entries are:

1. Mini Ring Bowl by Berit of ClayImages
This is 3 inches in diameter, a cute bowl made from extruded clay. My entry in the July PCAGOE challenge, "extruded."

2. Knit One, Clay Two by Lisa of HiGirls
Knitted polymer clay mini salt and peppers.
I always wanted to try out this technique and the "extrusion" challenge seemed like the perfect opportunity.

This piece is for the extruder challenge. I added little bits of extruded clay to make up the leaves which look like they are moving, like those plants that eat bugs and birds. Watch out!

Extruded flower pendant

5. Flower Bangle by Becky of BeckySueCreations
Four different colors of clay were loaded into the extruder. Then two different disc placed onto the end of the extruder. Magically flowers were produced in small canes that were then placed together to form the final pattern.

6. Teddy Bear Picnic Vase by Marie of YoungCreative
The idea for this hand-sculpted flower vase started with a jam jar. The label was so cute, I couldn't bear to throw the jar it away! The basket weave, the dolls hair, and the bear's gingham top are all created from extruded clay. You can see more details on my blog:

7. Make Mine Blue Soap Dispenser by Arlene of Ashpaints
Three of my favorite colors - Cobalt Blue, Turquoise and Lavender - are cut into disks and, with the addition of white disks, are stacked and extruded using a small holed die to make variegated "strings" of clay. These "strings", or as we clay artisans refer to them "snakes", are coiled and placed to create a beautiful highly textured design on this glass soap dispenser.

8. Points of my Compass Brooch by Beth of CreateMyWorld
This is my entry for the July 2012 PCAGOE monthly challenge... this month's theme extruded clay. This piece is constructed with woven and wound extruded clay.

9. Klimt Rock 'Roll Art Tin by Deb of RenGalSA
This is my entry in the July PCAGOE challenge - EXTRUDED. Outline of the guitar was created from a rope of extruded gold as were the strings and the other features. They were placed on a canvas of liquid polymer and manipulated into the design and baked. The inside of the guitar was inlaid after baking and the background of extruded klimt cane added with coordinating colors. After sanding the surface smooth, I add an additional layer of liquid polymer to seal the inlay and fill any gaps. It's a fun little project made with lots of extruded fun. =) I'll be adding a tutorial of a similar project to my newsletter in the next month or two. Feel free to subscribe using the link on my Blog at
10. Happiness is ...all the colors of the rainbow by Angela of polymerclaycreations
This is a mini hurricane votive jar with a coordinating shade. It was made using extruded snakes of clay in all the colors of the rainbow. The snakes were used to make swirls and stripes in a colorful filigree design.

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