Saturday, September 1, 2012

September Challenge -- METALLIC

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For this month's challenge our artists could use whatever method they wanted to achieve a "metallic" appearance as long as the piece contained 50% polymer clay. Take a look at the unique interpretations!

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And the entries are:

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1 - Metallic Garden Necklace by Linda of NK Designs
This is my entry into the September Challenge for the Polymer Clay Artists Guild of Etsy. The topic is metallic so I used metallic gold clay for some of the flowers, metallic bronze and copper clay for the layers and copper leafing around the pendant. There also are copper findings and two matching beads along with Swarovski crystals in the necklace.

2.  Mixed Metal Vessel 129 by Sue of 11BOLDstreet 
For this "Metallics" challenge, I chose to layer bronzey-gold metallic polymer over a layered base. Mica powder was brushed over the stamped high points, and mica-tinted liquid polymer was brushed over black polymer areas to simulate aged, patina-ed metal. Rivets were added for fun :)
4 1/2" H.

3.  Industrial Chic Light Switch Plate by Marie of YoungCreative 
I love how the "soft and hard" marry beautifully in this piece. Each layer of the frame is an individually cut piece of silver clay, layered on top each other and then highlighted with a silver alcohol ink. The glass-like blue center is mokume gane with thin sheets of blue and translucent clay layered with silver foil. 

4. Metallic Themed Earrings by Jill of JKollmann
These are made from Sherry Serafini's "Arizona Sunset Earrings" tutorial, but with a polymer twist. The square capstone, the two cabochons, and all of the dangles are polymer clay. The dangles got the patina treatment. They are 4 inches long, excluding the leverback findings.

This necklace is made of Premo clay. The five 2 inch disks are embossed on both sides with pigments and paint. The smaller beads show the mica patterns of the clay itself. The necklace is 24 inches long.

This is my entry in the September PCAGOE challenge - Metallics. I wanted to try my hand at Bettina's wonderful pixelated retro cane, so pulled out some old discontinued copper that I had been hoarding for a dark contrast to the gold and silver. With my leftovers, I made a Stroppel Cane and a metallic version of my magic swirl cane. I accented the joints with some 'stitched' gold rope. The shine is incredible!

I've been noticing a lot of owls lately so I chose the owl for the Metal Challenge. He created his own expression but he reminds me of a soldier, standing guard and wondering what else could happen to him. He's cute.

8. RUSTic Knot by Beth of CreateMyWorld
For this month's PCAGOE Metallic challenge, I wanted to create a polymer clay piece that had the look of rusting metal. This chunky rusted knot pendant necklace was the result of my experimenting. The pendant is hung on an upcycled piece of jute cord that was harvested from an old nautical piece of jewelry, thus the varied colors in the jute which add to the rustic and old feel of the necklace.

This polymer clay pendant was made in a group with other clayers. The person in charge of the oven didn't watch the temp and my piece got slightly burned. I really like the mistake!

I used 4 different shades of purple, pearl metallic and transparent clay along with silver leaf to make this votive cup with matching shade.

Flowered vessel with faux metal draping - this is my entry for the PCAGOE Metallic Challenge for September 2012.

12. Metallic Dragon by Kimberly of Kidalski
PCAGOE Monthly Challenge ~ Metallic ~ Metallic Dragon ~ Black Diamond

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  1. A friend of mine, who, as it happens, does not work in polymer clay (though I do), emailed me the link to this blog. :) I'm quite impressed at the talent culminated here! And what a neat contest.