Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Featured Artist Line Labrecque

Line Labrecque of Play Sculpt Live

Meet Line Labrecque of Play Sculpt Live - PCAGOE Feature Artist from November 11th through November 24th. Her work will be featured on our Facebook page throughout this time period.
Line is a self-taught polymer clay artist, living in Ottawa Ontario Canada. She loves finding beauty in many places and enjoys exploring the versatility of polymer, especially creating faux finishes. Line has a special way with giving character to her signature sculpted faces, which you may have noticed in more than one of our challenges.

She chose the name of her business, Play Sculpt Live, to reflect her fundamental philosophy on life. In her own words, "You need a balance of play and work (which for me is the sculpting, or is that the play part???) to have a well lived life. Striving for balance may not always be easy, but it should always be fun."

Find Line at these locations:

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  1. Love your unique and handmade buttons. I so agree about our it work or play? Both I think ^_^