Saturday, November 9, 2013

November Challenge Winners

And the winners of the November Challenge are:

Public Vote

1st place 
Midnight Ocean by by Jill of Jkollmann

2nd place -TIE
Midnight Ocean by by Jill of Jkollmann

2nd place TIE
Sailing Away by Becky of BeckySueCreations

Drawing Winners: 

Carolyn Lawson
Jennifer James
Christie Makuck 
They get to pick a prize from one of our lovely participating sponsor shop owners.

Congratulations to all the winners, and thank you to everyone who voted and supports our challenges each month.

A sampling of comments left by voters:

- Great entries - it was really difficult to choose 3 of them. Thanks
- Love these shakers!
- Tough to decide this month I needed a fourth place for 12. Like all of them hard to narrow down.
- Awesome shakers!
- The Feed your Geek set was so clever and well done !
- The creativity in these entries warms my heart, inspires my heart and curls my toes.
- You all are such an inspiration! I just purchased my first blocks of polymer clay and came to Etsy to look at canes. I am amazed by your amazing skill and talent levels. I hope one day to be among you on Etsy!
- It keeps getting harder and harder to choose. Wonderful collection.
- cool theme!
- I love the creative things that these artists are able to do with polymer!
- I'm new to polymer clay - and love seeing all the great artists featured on the site. I liked all the entries - it was hard to choose. You all inspire me!
- Amazed at the variety of styles and what each artist did. So creative.
- The geek in me voted !
- As a glass artist I have tons of respect and appreciation to all the clay workers out there. Incredible patterns keep up the awesome work.
-This was a terrific subject/challenge this month. So interesting to see all the ways something as simple as a salt and pepper shaker can be perceived by others. Kudos.
- Thank you so much to the members who find the time to continually meet the challenges each month with such beauty and variety. I enjoy seeing the differences between the public's choices and the member's choices each month –
- This was a fun challenge that got several of us out of usual creative "box". I love to see the variety and imagination of our members.
- These are all great examples--but I have to give the nod to the out of the box old fashioned salt and pepper cellars.
- That Feed Your Geek set is truly inspired!
- Being a Geek myself, I adore the "Feed your Geek" shakers. Made my day to see those.
- So many original tough to choose only 3. Could have voted for originality, could have voted for level of technique difficulty but opted for the entries that struck my personal fancy at the moment of voting (which could change the next moment!) Great work everyone!

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