Sunday, November 9, 2014

Mandala Challenge Winners

The winners in the PCAGOE November Challenge "Mandalas" are:

Public Vote

Top entries selected by the public:
1. Geometry Class Redux by Jill of JKollmann

2. Colors of Thailand Mandala by Betsy of PolyClayCafe

3. Woodland Mandala by Beth of CreateMyWorldDesigns

Member Vote

Top entries selected by the public:
1. Geometry Class Redux by Jill of JKollmann


2. Woodland Mandala by Beth of CreateMyWorldDesigns

3. Colors of Thailand Mandala by Betsy of PolyClayCafe

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Congratulations to the drawing winners. They get to pick a prize from one of our lovely participating sponsor shop owners.

Cheryl Holland
Sharon Robinson
Patty Barnes 

Comments from the voters:
So pretty and colorful!
Love all the colours
Actually love them all!
So pretty!
Este desafĂ­o es muy colorido y me encantan los trabajos realizados, pero el de Create My World Designs es espectacular y muy cuidadoso. (here is translation: This challenge is very colorful and I love the work, but to Create My World Designs is spectacular and very careful)
All of these are lovely. I chose the more "traditional" mandalas because I thought they were very well done and they seem to celebrate polymer clay as a media.
Great work ladies.
I follow your page on Facebook and came to know these wonderful things. Since I am just starting I do not understand which work is more complex than other. Still way to learn. Happy to vote. I loved colors are awesome to uplift any mood and make every season bright and shiny.
I love mandalas. It was so hard to choose, they are all so pretty. Beautiful work!
I think they were all beautiful entries for this challenge. It was hard to select but since I really liked the repetitive pattern and colors on number six, I had to go with that as my choice.
Oh my goodness. What great pieces. Hard to make a choice.
Love the colors and rich texture of all the creations. I love to paint mandalas and now I'll try to make a polymer clay one. They could be a nice Christmas ornament.
The colors are pretty.
A great assortment of mandalas! Difficult to choose since all are beautiful!
What an incredibly hard challenge to even decide upon! I'm sure it was an even harder challenge to do! Thanks to everyone who submitted!
Unusually hard to choose this month, all are truly awesome, but #9 spoke to me!!!!!! You all deserve major kudos for your work. All of the above are awesome.
I am always so impressed by the skill shown here! Nice job folks!
Love all the entries.
Beautiful submissions. I could go into a trance staring at the colors, shapes and patterns. Well done, everyone.
Beautiful work ladies !
Gorgeous work this month!
Such talent! Love all the happy colors! Color me happy!
Beautiful mandalas!
Really great job
cool theme!
Beautiful work all!
Beautiful interpretations- I am especially struck by the variety of color choices. So much variety!
Wonderful! love the bright colors and the fun designs.
really interesting theme this time--I need to do some mandalas!
Beautiful, intricate work.
These are truly remarkable in their design and use of color. Showing off polymer clay for its endless versatility!
You all made it so difficult to choose this month, stellar work everyone! :)
They're all beautiful, it was hard to choose.

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