Monday, August 10, 2015

August Challenge winners "Fairy House"

Top entries selected by the public

1. Fairy House by Linda of Claymation3d  

2. Trixie's Fairy cottage teapot by Lisa of HiGirls 

3. Mushroom Fairy House  by Marie of MarieYoungCreative

Top entries selected by members

1. Fairy House by Linda of Claymation3d  

2. 3-way tie

Trixie's Fairy cottage teapot by Lisa of HiGirls 

Mushroom Fairy House  by Marie of MarieYoungCreative

Fairy in a Bottle House by Betsy of StrebeDesigns

3. She sells Seashells by Beth of CreateMyWorldDesigns

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Congratulations to the drawing winner:  Nancy Woolweber
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Comments from the voters:

Nice work, as usual, ladies!
Heard about the contest on the OTE Facebook page. Have done a bit of work with polymer clay and enjoy seeing the great work being done.
These are all so beautifully well done it was more difficult than usual to pick my favorites! You guys are all winners in my book!
So enjoy seeing your creations!
Hard to decide this month!
Beautiful work ladies!!! It was a challenge picking three.
So much creativity, I like them all. The teapot is my favourite because I am an tea-addict. If I was a fairy I would have chosen that house :-) All the houses are made with joy and love, that's what I see! 
As for the designs. Stunning!! Great work everyone.
They are so cute and it looks like it was fun to make them.
Great work.
Would love to see these in the garden!
I wish I could have voted for them all!
Keep up the wonderfully great work. I love it all.
I really enjoyed seeing the results of this challenge! It was especially clever that some of the artists made usable items out of the fairy houses. I had such a hard time only picking three! :)
I am always impressed with the workmanship and imagination in the monthly challenge pieces. Every one is a source of inspiration. :-)
I love fairies and all of these were wonderful. It was really hard to decide I loved them all.
The talent and creativity is amazing!
I love #7 and the blog behind it. So creative.
Every one of these is gorgeous and magical!
#5 belongs to a friend. I am very impressed with her work.
Lovely pieces!
These artists do such fine work!
It was hard to decide!
Fun theme, which of course = fun entries! Great work everyone!
This was really, really hard. I honestly like them all, great works of art.

Again, a beautiful collection of art.

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