Thursday, June 9, 2016

June 2016 Challenge Winners "Quilling"

Top entries selected by the public

1. Sugar skull sketch book by  Lisa

2. Two-way tie
Chaos Wall Hanging by  Beth 

Metallic Gauze Fiber Brooch No. 135 by Susan

3. Nightlight for Kim by  Betsy

Top entries selected by members

1. Two-way tie
Marc & I by Line 

Chaos Wall Hanging Beth

2. Sugar skull sketch book by Lisa 

3. Three-way tie
Bloom where you are planted Mixed Media Art by Arlene

PCAGOE Quilling Challenge piece by Jackie

Nightlight for Kim by Betsy

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Congratulations to the drawing winner:  Angela Thompson
You get to pick a prize from one of our lovely participating sponsor shop owners.

Comments from the voters:

  • A difficult technique to do in polymer clay!! But results are wonderful and funny.
  • Beth- Do not destroy this piece! It is beautiful. Sometimes the best things happen when you just go with it, and it turns out to be something completely unplanned. You should have a new name though. I see a lot of solar energy, not chaos! Good job.
  • Play sculpt live invited me...these are all wonderful.. I love the textures.
  • This was a toughie -- quilling isn't easy! Congrats to all for trying it!
  • Thanks for the wonderful and inspiring images.
  • Great work as always.
  • Tough challenge but well accomplished by all!
  • Wonderful work ladies ! Hard to pick 3 they were all great looking pieces.
  • Love these challenges. So much talent! I saw this post in the HOP group I belong to.
  • Your post appeared in my news feed, I think!
  • Saw you on Polymer Clay Tribe!
  • I love the beautiful colors and textures in this month’s quilling challenge.
  • Great work, everyone!
  • Kudos to all the artists - beautiful work!!
  • Awesome challenge, really great ideas for quilling in polymer clay in this lineup.
  • Great submissions this month!!
  • So many fun pieces! I had to use a coin toss to help me choose, they are all wonderful!

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