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October Challenge--Medieval

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For this month's challenge our artists had fun interpreting the theme "medieval." Entries had to follow the theme and contain 50% polymer clay. Take a look at the unique creations! 

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The entries are:
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1. Medieval Celtic Knot Cuff Bracelet by Angela of PolymerClayCreations 
When I was browsing to find what I could possibly make to fit the PCAGOE Monthly Challenge theme of Medieval I found a lot of decorations, jewelry, etc. that had a Celtic Knot theme. So I made my version of a Celtic knot cane using gold and black clay. I used slices from two different canes then finished it off with plain and braided ropes of copper clay.

For PCAOGE's medieval challenge, I thought of the colorful gold leafed illuminated letters in books and artwork of the time.

A medieval theme castle bottle by Claymation3d. Claymation Castle has something interesting to look at from every angle. The foundation of this piece is an olive oil bottle which makes this piece a functioning vessel too. The crowning top stone with its streaming flag is a removable piece created from a wine bottle cork covered with polymer clay. Dimensions are: Height: 13”; Diameter: 11.5”; Depth: 6” (when the drawbridge is lowered down.) This castle required five separate oven bakings to add all of the layers of details. When the drawbridge is raised, you can see cross planks and wooden “nails” used to assemble it. The planks have horse shoe indentations from years of traffic crossing over them. A castle banner hangs just above the main gate on a pike. One of the keep chickens decided to roost on a window ledge above the main gate and she has laid a few eggs today. A maiden is looking out of a balcony on one side of the keep. To let light in, I added a stained glass window and also a rippled glass window. For defense, one side of the castle has a long narrow archer’s window.

For the PCAGOE Challenge "Medieval", I was inspired by one of my favorite areas of interest - King Arthur Legend. An "Excalibur"-like sword is thrust into a (polylmer) stone, waiting for the chosen one to withdraw it.

I tried to make a piece of jewelry, or a head piece, but I kept drifting back to a building, which of course, would be a castle. :) This is 100% clay except for a card stock armature. I used an extruder to make long rows of "stone" which I then cut as I built each row. The rest is all molded by hand. The piece stands about 3.5" tall and is approximately 4" square.

I used translucent polymer and alcohol inks to create this faux amethyst amulet. Amethyst was a popular stone in the middle ages representing piety and celibacy, and was thought to ward off drunkenness. I haven't tested any of these properties with this amulet :)

In researching the theme for this month, I discovered that crosses were a predominate element. Elaborate carving was a strong design feature during this era and I've attempted to replicate that type carving in the design of the cross depicted in the central tile of this mosaic piece. The cross is made up of three layers and sits on a strongly detailed tile. Each of the surrounding tiles are made separately and cured. Then acrylic glazes are used to highlight the design element. Gold rubbing wax adds the finishing touch then each piece is painstakingly assembled. This mosaic is designed to either hang on the wall or sit on an easel.

This is a prototype trinket box made for the PCAGOE Medieval themed challenge. This box is 2.5 inches across (square) and 1 3/4 inch tall. Since it's a prototype, it's not in my etsy shop with my other trinket boxes, but the next one will have some of the bugs worked out. This little castle is inspired by my ancestor's real fortress-style castle (Hume or Home) in Scotland.

This dragon's name is Beth, after the artist who inspired her. In medieval times, dragons were feared or used for protection. Beth is a protector.

This is a small jewelry box, the top opens and wonderful treasures can be kept inside. :)

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