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November Challenge Asian-Inspired

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For this month's challenge our artists had fun interpreting the theme "Asian-Inspired." Entries had to follow the theme and contain 50% polymer clay. Take a look at the unique creations! 

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The entries are:
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1. Peace, Love and Strength Blank Journal Cover by Angela of PolymerClayCreations 
The three largest characters mean Peace, Love and Strength. It was made in several layers. The first is pearl clay stamped with a bamboo pattern and painted with alcohol inks. Some gold leaf was also added to this layer. The second layer is a cherry blossom branch stamped on transparent clay and painted with more alcohol inks. The Asian characters were also stamped and painted on this layer. More gold leaf was also added to this layer. The last layer is liquid polymer clay heat set on for protection and shine. The fan in the bottom corner is made from faux jade. It is all framed in gold clay made to look like bamboo shoots.

2. Faux Chinese Cinnabar Vessel by Jackie of ThePleasantPheasant
This vessel is my entry for the November 2012 PCAGOE Monthly Challenge. I received excellent encouragement from my fellow PCAGOE-ers about this and so I dedicate this little vessel to all of them, and to gentle encouragement in general. :)
An art doll in the style of Japanese Geisha is my entry for the PCAGOE November 2012 Asian Inspired Challenge. This doll stands on her own and is 9-1/2" tall. Her hair has been styled in a very intricate Geisha hair style and adorned with an elaborate style of beaded hair jewelry. Her robes were kept very simple. I used poly fiber fill to puff them out and hold the pieces in place as the doll was baked in the oven. After cooling the poly fill was removed. I wanted the robe to look like it was flowing. Gold leaf bits were applied to the robe for texture. I hand detailed the collar of the robe and under-robe with Pearlescent Liquid Acrylic.

4. Faux antique jade necklace by Lisa of HiGirls
I've always loved antique jade pieces and always wanted to try making faux jade. Necklace is created of small hand rolled beads and a molded clasp/pendant focal. Jade was created using transluscent clay, alcohol inks and a tiny bit of light brown clay.

5. Cut Strip Asian Neckpiece by Sue of 11BOLDstreet
The pendant for this necklace is a perfect submission for the PCAGOE November Monthly Challenge, featuring "Asian Inspired". The colors and shiny finish are reminiscent of Chinese lacquer and inlay, and the coordinated shapes of the main body and bail have a Far Eastern influence.

6. Chinese Hinged Pendent by Freda of FrekaK
The Chinese symbols say: Faith, Hope and Love

I love antique Japanese screen paintings. This piece gets its inspiration from that genre. Textured gold clay serves as the canvas highlighted with peacock-colored mica powders. The frame is created from hand-cut strips of a bronze-colored polymer that I shaped on the plate.  

8. Asian Dragon by Line of PlaySculptLive
Inspired by the Chinese inlay of mother of pearl on black, I sculpted my dragon using my faux mother of pearl cane. He's holding the world for protection.
9. All Dressed Up by Jill of JKollmann
For the "Asian Inspired" challenge I though it would be fun to pracrice some piercing techniques so I sought inspiration from ceremonial headdresses. The one that struck me the most was made as part of a statue of carved wood that had silvered with age.

10. Zen 2 U by Becky of BeckySueCreations
Kimono necklace and set of earrings in an Asian theme. These were made for the PCAGOE challenge of the month.

11. 食 吃 "Eat" Polymer Handled Chopsticks and Rest Set by Beth of CreateMyWorld
I have quite a few Asian inspired fabrics waiting for the perfect quilt or sewing project, so when considering ideas for the November PCAGOE Asian themed challenge, looking to my fabric collection for inspiration was a given. When I struck upon the idea of polymer handled chopsticks and matching chopstick rest, I then chose a batiked fabric with Asian characters as my polymer design inspiration… but I wanted to say something more than characters that mimic the fabric pattern with meanings I could not decipher. So, I decided to Google references and make canes of the Chinese character 吃 and 食 the Japanese Kanji for the word "Eat". I tried to emulate the background and colors of the fabric in the polymer design… and I turned a piece of the fabric into a little pouch with a matching polymer button, to complete the set, for carrying the chopsticks and rest. This is my 3rd time ever in making a cane… though I appreciate canes, I've never been much of a caner before. For some reason lately all my ideas are best suited to execution using canes…. guess my muse is telling me to branch out into other polymer techniques with which I'm less familiar. ;)

12. Polymer Clay Business Card Case by Carola of PolymerClayShed
 This brand new nickel plated business card holder is covered with Polymer Clay. The canes I used are my own design and 100% handmade, no paints were used.
The Polymer Clay surface is sanded and polished to give it a nice shiny look.
It measures about 3 5/8 i(92mm) x 2 1/4 inch (55 mm) in size and is about 1/4 inch ( 5mm) thick.

The theme for this month's PCAGOE Challenge is "Asian Inspriation". This is my entry....

14. Asian Inspired Cuff Bracelet by Marcia of MarciaPalmer
or my entry into the PCAGOE November challenge I reverted back to my favorites. I love to create and wear bracelets of all kinds. I am also fond of culturally inspired works of art and jewelry. So here you have it. My Asian inspired cuff bracelet.

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