Thursday, October 17, 2013

Feature Artist: Carole of Compelled Craft

Introducing Carole Monahan-Kampfe of Compelled Craft 
PCAGOE Feature Artist from October 14th through October 27th

Carole started working with polymer clay almost by accident. She and her daughter were house cleaning and discovered some craft supplies which included some polymer clay. She says that not much cleaning got done that day after the discovery!
In Carole's words: "It all started with a little bird, Wort the Worry Bird. I made Wort the first time for a friend who was going through a really rough time. I told her Wort would help Her with all her woes. Everyone who saw Wort had to have one as well. Then Wort was joined by his cousin Lucky ducky." Carole says that her Lucky Duckies were made with the sole purpose to raise funds for the MS (Multiple Sclerosis) society. Carole was diagnosed with MS in 2003 and she finds that working with the clay is great physical and cognitive therapy, to help with the hand and muscle cramps associated with her illness. 

She has been working with polymer ever since her first encounter with it. She has since authored tutorials for Polymer Clay Cafe, her 1st tutorial was for her Bambooya beads in April 2012 and her latest tutorial Mobius Mass is in this Month 's October 2013 issue. Carole never gets bored with the possibilities of polymer and feels compelled to keep working with this medium because her well of ideas never runs dry.

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