Wednesday, October 9, 2013

October Challenge Winners

And the winners of the October Challenge are:

Public Vote

1st place 

2nd place 
Bronze and Copper Earrings No. 154 by Susan of 11BOLDstreet
3rd place
Owl Bowl by Line of PlaySculptLive

Members Vote

1st place 

2nd place TIE
Woodland Barrette by Jill of Jkollmann 

Drawing Winners: 
Bee Harris
Sue Bowen
Eileen Moore
They get to pick a prize from one of our lovely participating sponsor shop owners.

 Congratulations to all the winners, and thank you to everyone who voted and supports our challenges each month.

A sampling of comments left by voters:

As always, some very creative works!
·         The first one is amazing!!!
·         The acorn was my 4th choice.
·         Beautiful work.
·         Wow! the entries this time were all so very excellent that I changed my mind half a dozen times before choosing!!! Great job everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
·         It is not easy for me to choose the winner every month. Most of the works looks to me professional, interesting and beautiful. I vote for the works that look to me the best. Thank you.
·         That acorn is so cool!!! What a wonderful idea and it is so beautifully made.
·         All I can say is WOW! I am in awe every time I see these creations and how they are made.
·         Wonderful creations. I love autumn colors and now I have new inspiration for the challenge in my guild. :-D
·         Every entry was so lovely and so hard to choose just 3. Always so difficult to vote on only a few. Good luck everyone!
·         I love that the acorn lights up !!
·         WOW! Every month there are so many pretty things entered. I love them all it is hard to pick just three.
·         The creativity of these artists are incredible. Thank you everyone.
·         Good work, all! I can see that a lot of thought and work went into your entries. I liked the originality of No.13, the light constructed over a jar, while I loved the simplicity and elegance of the birches in No.1. To tell the truth, for a few seconds of delight, I thought No.1 was actually a small handbag of some sort and was wondering how polymer had been used for that effect. I'd really love to have a bag like that! The little white owl in No.10 is elegant in its simplicity. I think that raku is a great choice for making pine cones and I only wish that I could have seen them in a better close-up to observe its effect.
·         The creativity shown by PCAGOE members is stunning, humbling and wonderful.
·         Amazing entries! Love them all, but was hard to choose.
·         Hoot do you love!! The owls of course! Love, love this challenge! Awesome work people! My favorite one yet!
·         Love, love, LOVE the unusual textures in the earrings. The owl bowl made me smile.
·         All the entries are wonderful, but I just love the acorn light - beautifully crafted and useful.
·         I love this contest! I saw it in the promotions section of the Creative Breakroom forum. All of the items in this month’s contest are gorgeous!
·         My peeps outdid themselves - so hard to choose! Going for the whimsy and creativity of the lighted acorn.
·         Great variety this month!
·         All, as usual, are awesome, great craftsmanship, beautiful eye candy... I LOVE THEM ALL....
·         This was so tough! October is my birth month and I adore all things Autumn, woods and nature related. Some awesome original ideas here!!
·         I enjoyed looking at all the wonderful artists works this month. The colors and textures definitely reflected this month's theme.

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