Monday, October 28, 2013

Featured artist: Jackie Sieben

Introducing Jackie Sieben, of Jae Jewelry & The Pleasant Pheasant 
PCAGOE Featured Artist from October 28th through November 10th

Jackie discovered polymer clay in 1998. She spent several years playing and learning. Jackie says, "As time has passed I've found my stride with it." For many years Jackie ran the "Discussions from the Claypen" chat every Thursday at the Polymer Clay Central website, and became a well known/well loved cheerleader of the polymer community. Jackie's most recent polymer passion is the making of intricate polymer clay canes (or "millefiori"). Jackie was recently featured in the October 2013 Polymer Cafe magazine in the article, "Jackie Sieben: The Clay Pen revisited" by Trina Williams.

Find more of Jackie at these locations:
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