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Wall Art: The February PCAGOE Challenge

Our members' challenge: 
Create a piece of wall art that showcases your talents made from at least 50% polymer clay.  

Your challenge:  
Vote for your favorites. Three lucky voters will be chosen in a drawing to win a gift certificate from one of our sponsor shops.

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1. Earrings on Canvas No. 139 by Susan of 11BOLDstreet
Wall hanging (polymer on stretched canvas) serves as both wall decor and a display for polymer earrings. Related mokume gane/snakeskin techniques used throughout.
4" sq x 1 5/8" thick

2. Alcohol Ink Hibiscus on Polymer Clay Upcycled CD by Angela of polymerclaycreations
I repurposed this used computer disc by painting on polymer clay with alcohol inks.

3. Seal Cove by Lisa of HiGirls
Small polymer seascape on canvas.Several different techniques are used to create what I think looks a bit like a stained glass piece. I've used lots of translucent clay in the sky and the sea, which adds to the effect.  Top and bottom edges of canvas are decorated with pebbles and shells of polymer. See details here:

4. Gnome Domes 4x4 Wall Plaque by Jill of JKAY Jewelry
This plaque is four inches square, and each bit of polymer is custom mixed and shaped by hand, then applied to the plaque. The piece is on a wooden base and comes with hanging hardware attached. Gnome Huts or Gnome Domes are set at the edge of the wooded forest where the little inhabitants feel right at home.

5. Bird of Paradise by Betsy of PolyClayCafe
This is 100% polymer clay, no paint. I wanted to make a piece that looked like it was painted, and I am happy with the results. Hints of glitter of various colors adorn the flower parts and the black background. The art work is mounted on a 6x6" box canvas. Nice size for a little accent piece. Click here to see a side view

6. Polymer Clay Celtic Owl by Carole of CompelledCraft
Polymer clay celtic owl has 10 different Polymer clay techniques He is about 7" high and about 3" wide but he is BIG on details. He is mounted onto Cardboard that shows all the great ridges !

7. Fantasy Seascape by Berit of ClayImages
The piece measures 4x6 inches and is 100% polymer clay. The technique is extrusion/mokume gane/mica shift. It is completely flat while it has the illusion of being three dimensional, which fascinates me to no end. It can be hung on the wall with a self adhesive hook on the back.

8. Durer's 1515 Rhino by Mary of MaryClaires
Work is in a 16 by 20 frame, Rhino measures 11 1/2 inches tail to horn, and is 7 inches tall.

9. Fairy Elf Wall Dancer with Butterflies by Peggy of Peggers
Every dance this elf or fairy dances, brings tons of butterflies. He dances with a stick that has a butterfly house on the end. Fairy elf has a beautiful fairy butterfly that he holds next to his heart. Fairy elf loves nature and the freedom that butterflies hold. In this fantasy forest it is summer all the time. Wall sculpture will be summer and spring in your home all year long. Wall Dancer has a butterfly house that is removable from his walking stick. He is one of my favorites. He has a bright metallic blue jacket with black tennis shoes. I added a Mokume Gane cane for his leggings and collar. Entire sculpture is made from polymer clay except for his walking stick that is a real wooden stick.

10. Time Began in a Garden by Arlene  of Ashpaints
A Masonite artist panel was used as the base for this inspirational wall hanging. The main panel was made of scrap clay, then acrylic paint and rubbing wax were used to create a mottled background. Four skinner blends were used in creating the color block panels and the flowers and leaves. Gold leaf was used on the dividing lines and on the square icons in two corners. The saying is a favorite of mine and was added by creating a custom silk screen.

11. Gothic Kiss by Marie of YoungCreative
This passionate couple is a copy of a vintage photo coated with several layers of liquid polymer brushed on to become a canvas. The woman's striking red lips are also liquid polymer tinted with red alcohol ink. The heart around her neck is polymer strung by a gold metal chain. The highly detailed frame features stamped polymer heart cut outs on various textures background sheets. 

12. Sunburst Medallion by Beth of CreateMyWorldDesigns
Polymer clay wall hanging, 14" in diameter. Layered polymer strategically cut and folded back to reveal a design created by the folds and color contrast. Mounted on a circular canvas that was coated with liquid polymer and gold mica painted in a radiating swirl pattern. To read more about this piece and the story behind its creation, please visit my blog post:

13. Sacred Symbols by Line of PlaySculptLive
Melds glass and quilt inspiration together. Read more:

14. Falling Leaves by Cindy of ArrowdaleArtStudio
Actually inspired by the shower curtain for our newly remodeled bathroom. (Actually, currently being remodeled - no shower or sink finished yet!) I made two complementary pieces but being both square, they didn't photograph well together. They will of course, hang in the bath when it's finished - both 5.5" square.

15. Sunset Shrub by Jackie of The Pleasant Pheasant
This dramatic shrub is crafted in polymer clay, and placed on a canvas artist panel.

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