Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Featured Artist Betsy Strebe

Meet Betsy Strebe of PolyClayCafe
PCAGOE’s featured artist for the weeks of February 9th through February 22nd
Please go check out her highlighted works on the PCAGOE Facebook page!

Betsy lives in Ashland, OR. She has been working in polymer in recent years, but has enjoyed creating in various media throughout her lifetime. Betsy has this to say about her creative journey and life:

“I have been producing art since I was a small child. I was fortunate to have a nurturing art teacher who early on encouraged me and taught me about color combinations, perspective, and most importantly encouraged me to go with my ideas.

I am retired from the technology world. Although I love painting and handcrafting I chose to make computer science my profession. Throughout my decades of working, however, I always managed to be involved in at least one artistic endeavor.”

Find More of Betsy’s work at these online locations: and and and and and

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