Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Masks Challenge Winners

The winners in the PCAGOE February Challenge: Masks are:

Top entries selected by the public

1. Balinese inspired mask by Lisa of HiGirls  

2. Ms. Violet on Her Mask by Betsy of PolyClayCafe  

3. Purple Passion Millifiori Mask Plant Stake by Arlene of Ashpaints


Top entries selected by members

1. Funny Bone Mask by Beth of CreateMyWorldDesigns 

2. TIE
Teal and Purple Fiber Mask Brooch no. 139 by Susan of 11BOLDstreet

Masked Mardi Gras Fox by Marie Young of YoungCreative

3. Balinese inspired mask by Lisa of HiGirls      
View all of the entries:

Congratulations to the drawing winners:

Elizabeth Sanders
Joan Cain
Sue Urich

They get to pick a prize from one of our lovely participating sponsor shop owners.

Comments from the voters:

-I ran across your group while searching for Polymer clay crafts on the internet. I love having the opportunity to look at such great creations and picking my favorites. I look forward to starting my own ETSY shop and joining your group!
-I love the colors and the simplicity of this Mask by Angela, and the black/white combination that Line uses is always a winner.
-They're all awesome, lots of inspiration here!
-Love the beauty and creativity!!!
-All masks were fabulous!
-Such diverse ideas! The artistry is amazing.
-Loved the fox with the mask.
-Las máscaras son fantásticas, muy difícil la elección. Pero la #7 es "impresionante". Felicitaciones a todas las artistas. (which translated says): The masks are fantastic, very difficult choice. But the #7 is "impressive". Congratulations to all the artists.
-Too bad I could not view these masks from closer up... i.e. could not enlarge the picture.
-Beautifully creative pieces!
-Beautiful work.
-As usual, very hard to pick! You are all so talented!
-Love the creativity and colors.
-They are all so beautiful and so much talent here. It was hard to choose.
-LOVED the colors of # 8; beautiful flowers.
-#5 spoke to my textile background and loved the sparkle and sheen on this one.
-Truly Amazing! Each mask is so different and was approached with a different idea and concept. I had a hard time choosing - once again!
-The funny bone mask shows talent and creativity and scores high points, but is just too creepy for me to vote for.
-You guys just keep getting better and better!
-I wait to see lovely creations each month and I must say I am always surprised to see so talented people around and awesome creation we get to look at :)
-Hard choice this month.
-Wow the 4th one is just over the top amazing in detail!
-So cool--I love masks!
-Clever, gorgeous, awesome, beautiful, etc etc etc.... thanx again for sharing your art.
-Let the good times roll!! It is Mardi Gras time here in Mississippi so this was a wonderful theme for me. It was very hard to pick three winners as they are all awesome. Incredible talent ladies! Love them all!
-I love silly and weird and fell in love with Beth's funny bone mask. The creativity is inspirational.
-I am very impressed with all these entries. Masks creep me out, that's why I didn't participate, but I sure loved to see what you all did with them!
-So much thought and effort went into every entry. I am in awe! Very difficult to choose favorites this time.
-Wonderful work everyone!
-All of the entries are incredibly designed! Best wishes.
-Love the idea of masks for a challenge. I collect masks, so one of these would be very welcome to my collection. Good luck to all the participants and it was hard to pick a best out of all of them.

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