Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Featured Artist Angela Hickey

Introducing Angela Hickey of Polymer Clay Creations
PCAGOE featured artist for April 14 through April 27
 (Her work is be featured on our Facebook page throughout this time period.) 
Angela became addicted to working with #polymerclay about 9 years ago. And now she can't get enough of it! Angela is well known for decorating items with her beautiful flower canes in all the colors of the #rainbow. About her entry into the polymer world, Angela says this, "One day about 10 years ago I went into work to find I was no longer a "fit" for their company. So after a week of being devastated and feeling worthless, I had to find things to do to take up the 60 hours a week I used to work. At first I enjoyed my free time, but there are only so many jigsaw puzzles to do and weeds to pull. Being artistic runs in my family. I had painted and done cross stitch before. So I was looking for something creative to do with my time. I'm not really sure what drew me to polymer clay, but as the saying goes it was love at first sight. I became instantly addicted. Then after a few months I was starting to build up quite a few finished projects. Thinking maybe I could try selling some of them to "feed my addiction" I started Polymer Clay Creations. Now I'm doing what I love and love what I'm doing. Making money is just a perk Looking back I guess I'm grateful to those corporate morons for handing me the keys to finding my happiness."
Angela has been featured in the fall 2009 edition of Interweave magazine, the June 2009 edition of Polymer Cafe magazine, and on the Polyform website.
Find more of Angela's work in these web locations: and and and

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