Wednesday, April 30, 2014

May Challenge Bowls

About the challenge: 
For May our members tackled bowls. They could create one from scratch or cover an existing shape. Yet, as always, the visible part of the entries had to be 50% polymer clay. 

Vote for your favorites. Three lucky voters will be chosen in a drawing to win a gift certificate from one of our sponsor shops.

To see larger images visit:

1. Green Brown Sea Glass Valet No. 144 by Susan of 11BOLDstreet
This polymer clay valet/bowl for the PCAGOE Challenge was inspired by my sea glass collection. It incorporates lots of texture, tinted translucent layers and an underside featuring my "chopped translucent" polymer technique. Approx. 6" x 6" x 2 1/2" high.

2. Jade leaves and dragonfly bowl by Lisa of HiGirls

Created for PCAGOE 's May challenge-Bowls. This piece is created with tinted translucent clay, lots of leaves, some metallic powders and lots of texture. It is a companion piece to my asian inspired teapot:

3. Purple Mokume Gane Yarn Bowl by Angela of by Angela of polymerclaycreations
This handmade bowl is great for holding your ball of yarn while you knit or crochet. There are 3 different holes plus a spiral to run your yarn through. To see more views please click here:

4. Footed Pinch Pot by Berit of ClayImages
My entry into the May PCAGOE challenge, "bowls". This little bowl fits into the palm of my hand. It is completely hand made, no molds were used. I also made the cane work myself. After curing it twice, I sanded it and added a coat of a finishing varnish. Lovely for rings, earrings or other small jewelry! You can see other views of it here:

5. Duality Bowl by Betsy of PolyClayCafe
The design is based on my fasicnation of pattern against solid and unusual shapes. I love the Premo color "jungle" so much I didn't blend it with any other colors, a rarity for me. The colors are jungle, black, ecru ... that's it!

The base was formed around the largest Fat Daddios teardrop cookie cutter, and is 5" long from middle back to the point. It stands a little over 1 1/2" tall. The pattern is mokume gane made with the use of a thick texture sheet - by layering clay, impressing the texture and slicing off the "mountains". The wings of the feet are the three colors extruded using the large multiple hole disc.
For other views see

6. Leopard Bowl by Line of PlaySculptLive
This bowl was an old silk blouse that I washed and put in the dryer and now would not fit anyone. I used that for the outside of the bowl. The inside of the bowl is my daughter's old corduroy skirt. Both patterns lent themselves well to my purpose.  Read more at:

7. Watercolor Mokume Gane Ring Bowl by Arlene of Ashpaints 
Watercolor Mokume Gane is a technique which uses alcohol inks to give it the soft blend of colors. The addition of gold leaf adds sparkle and makes this a perfect small bowl for rings or paperclips.

8. Black & Silver Bowl by Freda of FredaK
Hand formed trinket bowl with silver leaf on black polymer clay

9. Red Hot Chili Pepper Bowl by Mary of MaryClaires
Sort of swirly pattern but little abstracts around it.

10. Asymmetrical Yarn Bowl by Beth of CreateMyWorldDesigns
Asymmetrical bowl made from polymer clay and hammered metal spirals. The dimensions of this piece are approximately 5 1/2" tall by 5 1/2" wide (at widest point). To see more photos of this piece and to read about how it was created, please visit my blog:

11. Hexabowl by Jill of JKollmann
For the bowl challenge I wanted to try not-round, not-smooth.

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