Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Featured Artist Arlene Harrison

Introducing Arlene Harrison of Ashpaints and Harrison Hollow Designs
PCAGOE featured artist for March 31 through April 13 
 (Her work is be featured on our Facebook page throughout this time period.) 
Arlene is a retired legal secretary who now concentrates her energy, full time, on her artistic pursuits. Her new focus is to grow her business online and locally, learn new techniques to grow as an #artist, and to generally enjoy her retirement; even though in retirement she is working now more than she ever did, but loving what she does and doing it on her own time schedule!

Arlene's polymer passion began with canework and creating intricate cane designs. Due to some problems with her eyesight that make canework too difficult to manage on a regular basis; she has been moving more toward the direction of #custom #mosaics, which she creates with wood bases and #polymerclay tiles that are embellished with a wide range of media. As you will see throughout this feature, Arlene doesn't let her vision problems stop her, and you'll find that even with her focus on mosaics, she pushes her talents to provide a wide variety of items to her customers.

Here's a bit, in Arlene's own words, about her artistic journey:
"From the time that I learned to embroider at my grandmother's knee, I've felt the need to create -- to put a part of myself into everything I do. I've been involved in various artistic pursuits for over 30 years with my primary focus on decorative painting until I was introduced to polymer clay! I've found a new passion for design. Now my collection of paints has taken a back seat to polymer clay and beads!

In addition to my artistic pursuits, I love books -- although after a less than successful lasik surgery experience, most of my "reading" these days is done by audio books. I am a mother, a grandmother, and a lover of most animals. I have two dogs who are both rescues and have helped to fill my life since my husband passed away. I live in the country and, other than having to go without power for 5 weeks after Katrina hit the Gulf coast, love it!"

Find more of Arlene's work at these locations:
http://ashpaints.etsy.com/ andhttp://harrisonhollowdesigns.blogspot.com/ andhttp://www.artfire.com/users/HarrisonHollowDesigns

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