Thursday, April 10, 2014

April Challenge Winners

The winners in the PCAGOE April Challenge "Containers" are:

Top entries selected by the public:
1. Put a bird on it! by Lisa of HiGirls
2. Baubles and Swirls Trinket Jar by Arlene of Ashpaints
3. Diamond Box by Beth of CreateMyWorldDesigns 

Top entries selected by PCAGOE members:
1. Diamond Box by Beth of CreateMyWorldDesigns
2. Put a bird on it! by Lisa of HiGirls
3. Sliding Turtle Box by Jackie of ThePleasantPheasant 

Congratulations to the drawing winners. They get to pick a prize from one of our lovely participating sponsor shop owners
Laura Spivey
Corrine Tripamer
Sharon Wittmann 

Comments from the voters:
- As always, so many creative pieces!
- It was difficult to choose - they are all very accomplished
- Beautiful! I'm sorry I didn't enter!
- Ladies you all out did yourselves this month. Wonderful entries!
- I'll be honest, I don't know much about polymer clay. Thanks to Facebook posts by Lisa Rapp, I've become interested. What a versatile medium!
- Great collection of creative items... hard to choose!
- Really hard decision.
- It is apparent that everybody really put their "all" into this theme, and the results are fabulous. Wish - I could vote for all of them.
- So hard to choose!!! Stunning work all around!
- Tough choices between all of them.
- Wow, this was truly a difficult choice. Such impressive, high level artistry!
- Love that turtle Jackie, you are so talented. Keep up the good work.
- This one was very hard to choose! All winners in my book.
- Very difficult choice - you should all win!!
- Wow, was it hart to choose just three! If I could have voted for #2 and #11 as well, I would have!
As usual, stunning entries.
- You have all exercised your imagination to the nth degree - Congratulations all.
- I really enjoyed the originality of the base containers, the variety of blended colors and the delivery of quality and interesting creations! Well done all!
- This time it was so hard to choose just 3!
- Wonderful !
- Difficult choice they are all so beautiful!!
- All three of my choices should be ranked #1. I really shouldn't put a 2 and 3 to any of them. Wow!!!
- This month really blows me away. There is no way possible to pick the top three. Really awesome work everyone! I'm so proud to be part of this talented group.
- #8 My first pick is because it really is beautiful and a truly polymer clay piece. #4 Just love this and the Alice Stroppel take, and the colors are my favs too.  #1 Beautifully done. All are amazing and inspirational.
- 3 is fabulous, especially for a beginner! 10 has awesome coloring, almost looks real!
- This was awesome! You've outdone yourselves, ladies!
- Every single entry is just gorgeous. Very difficult to choose.
- The quality of all the entries has really gone up.
- I am always amazed at the incredible amount of beautiful and thoughtful work that goes into these challenges. It is so hard to choose as each one of these is a winner! You girls have no idea how much pressure you put on us each month to pick the first three out each time! Arghhhh! :0)
- My first choice is a very sophisticated bowl. A real piece of art in my opinion. My number two and three are so detailed and pieces of hard work with great results.
- I wanted the artists to know that it was very difficult to choose because they were all such great works of art. Thank you for your work and inspiration.
- All containers are beautifully executed!
- Such talent and attention to detail. A great challenge this month.
- All the submissions were great and such a hard choice!
- Beautiful choices as always. Very hard to choose.
- I am astonished and inspired by all of these vessels - what a good choice for a challenge.
- Had the hardest time narrowing the list down to 3. Very interesting and beautiful pieces. Great job everyone.
- I look forward to the challenge and love seeing the new entries.
- Unbelievable talent. Amazing entries. Thanks for sharing all these beauties with us.
- Awesome stuff, really. Talent is abounding....As always it was so hard to choose just three.
- WOW such a beautiful bunch of boxes.
- I think this is one of the strongest selection of challenge entries that we have had since I joined. Amazing work!
- All fabulous submissions. And such a diversity of styles showcasing the versatility of polymer clay.
- Wow! Great entries everyone!

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